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Image 501600 Help Needed
Good Causes Thu 1st Mar, 2012 4 comments
OMM has been around for 6 years now, and if you were involved from the start then you will know that it is a lot quieter than it used to be.    Recently the server crashed and it took more than a week of work to restore the files, softwar...

Image 501600 OMM back online after major server problems
Miscellaneous Wed 29th Feb, 2012 0 comments
You might have noticed that we have been experiencing some technical problems in recent weeks. This has now been resolved - everything is as it was    Happy drawing!...

Image 501600 Mouse Wheel now works on Viewer Page
Miscellaneous Mon 29th Aug, 2011 0 comments
This is an improvement which I'd be meaning to add to OMM since around 2006 - and today I finally added it! Changes to OMM don't happen as quickly as they used to - but we are still here. If you are still around too then drop me a note - it would be ...

Image 501600 Best of OMM - A Brand New Poster Now for Sale!
Merchandise Sun 26th Dec, 2010 0 comments
We are pleased to announce a brand new poster which is available for sale through DeviantArt! Our poster contains 450 unique artworks from the Million Masterpiece, created by artists from more than 50 countries worldwide. We have chosen the most popu...

Image 501600 2010 Drawing Competition - Take Part Today!
Competitions Thu 30th Sep, 2010 29 comments
We would like to announce a new competition for artists at Million Masterpiece! This competition is open to anyone who is a member of (or wishes to join) Million Masterpiece and the result will be announced on January 1st, 2011. There are not many r...

Image 1001548 Spotlight: Jo Vickers
Spotlight : Artist interviews Wed 17th Dec, 2008 2 comments
Naturally, everyone has their favourites on the OMM. The pictures which make you say "wow" every time you see them; the pictures which make you click the "replay" button just to see the process in which certain amazing pieces of art are created.Not ...

Image 557626 Artist Spotlight: Alex Holt
Spotlight : Artist interviews Wed 12th Nov, 2008 5 comments
Once again, we have chosen another great artist from The One Million Masterpiece to spotlight!This time it's Alex Holt, currently in his final year of Game Art Design at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, Alex has a gallery full of amazing imag...

Image 531942 Spotlight : Sin-Mae Chung
Spotlight : Artist interviews Wed 17th Sep, 2008 9 comments
Artist spotlights are back! The OMM is once again searching for exceptional members, looking at both their contribution in the community and outstanding skill using the painting tools to create original squares.We are starting with Sin-Mae Chung, an...

Image 500000 Hardware failure, but we’re back!
Bugs and errors Mon 28th Jan, 2008 2 comments
During the weekend the OMM server suffered a hardware failure resulting in the website being offline for 24 hours. We apologise for the vanishing act and hope that our loyal members weren't too disappointed by our absence! I can safely say howeve...

Image 500000 New December snapshot
Merchandise Thu 10th Jan, 2008 0 comments
The December 2007 OMM snapshot has just been uploaded on to deviantArt. Those of you with our 2008 calendar will already have a small version of this snapshot on the back page of your calendar. What's interesting is that the Big Collab is clearly...

Image 567273 Face Tutorial
Artist Tutorials Fri 21st Dec, 2007 2 comments
it's not super-amazing or anything, but I created a helpful tutorial for OMM users wanted to paint portraits, people, or faces in general. The tutorial covers colors, blending, face chapes, lighting and more! So...check it out :D ...

Image 500000 OMM competition for deviantArt members
Competitions Thu 20th Dec, 2007 1 comments
Our deviantArt representative Alejandra Sánchez (Black-amethyst-Rose) has organised a great art competition on the Million Masterpiece dA profile. If you fancy getting creative and bagging some prizes you need to be quick, the deadline for submiss...

Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar - Available Now
Merchandise Mon 3rd Dec, 2007 27 comments
It’s finally arrived – the One Million Masterpiece Official 2008 Calendar. Every corner of the masterpiece has been scoured to find the images that make up our twelve themed montage images. This year of design team had a tough job, with thousands...

Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar - Who's who
Merchandise Mon 3rd Dec, 2007 109 comments
The following artists have been chosen to feature in the official One Million Masterpiece 2008 calendar. Well done to everyone who made the cut – your picture will be proudly displayed in thousands of homes around the world! This years montage th...

Image 500000 Official Facebook Application launched!
New features Tue 6th Nov, 2007 9 comments
We've just taken the wrapping off our new official Facebook application and would like to invite all Facebook users to take it for a spin. So what does it do? The application links your OMM and Facebook accounts, and allows you to create a mini...

Image 500000 Where is the Big Collab?
Collaborations Sat 3rd Nov, 2007 14 comments
So far there are 30 members of the Big Collab group within the OMM. If you would like to join, or you have not already been moved, please comment on this news item!! ...

Image 500000 Ready to swap in the Big Collab?
Collaborations Wed 31st Oct, 2007 5 comments
For the past month Gracie Rafferty has been canvassing OMM members to join the Big Collab – a sub group of OMM members who want to collaborate by joining up their pictures. Her idea has been based on the fact that the OMM is about to release a n...

Image 1001190 Spotlight : Shahtoosh
Spotlight : Artist interviews Sat 27th Oct, 2007 2 comments
Every image within OMM captures a small imprint of the artist that created it. Doodles and short messages give us a fleeting glance, whereas multi-layered pictures increase our understanding of the artist behind the art. Something really special h...

Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar : Final category list
Art news Mon 22nd Oct, 2007 11 comments
Here's your chance to bag a place in our official 2008 Calendar and have your artwork shipped into thousands of homes around the world! Like last year, the twelve calendar categories will be made up of a hand picked selection of images that will m...

Image 500000 Foundmyself joins OMM alliance
Project news Wed 17th Oct, 2007 1 comments
We'd like to welcome Foundmyself as the latest website to join the alliance of online arts communities that support the One Million Masterpiece project. Foundmyself was established in 2003 to help artists sell their original artwork online. The p...

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