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Banners, buttons and widgets

Image 500000 Link banners
Banners, buttons and widgets Wed 1st Nov, 2006 17 comments
Here are a couple of banners that can be used to link to the One Million Masterpiece website if you’re feeling charitable. To benefit from these banners send me a message and I’ll forward you over a link code to use with them which will attrib...

Image 500000 New buttons and banners for your websites
Banners, buttons and widgets Sun 7th Jan, 2007 10 comments
Some banners and buttons Alicia has made for the project - feel free to use as you like! The first one is a corner banner that needs to be used with the exact code below: The following are designed to be stuck on a com...

Image 500000 New MySpace widget
Banners, buttons and widgets Mon 11th Dec, 2006 7 comments
You can now paste an animated replay of any OMM image into MySpace profiles and comments. The mini replay tool shows the whole drawing process in quick speed, and allows people to click through to your profile. To insert the widget, visit t...

Image 500000 Automatically add an image replay to blogger
Banners, buttons and widgets Tue 6th Feb, 2007 2 comments
Blogger have now made it easier for you to publish any OMM picture replay to your blog. Simply visit the profile of the image you wish to place on your blog (either your own or any other member's) and click the "Add replay to blogger" button. Y...

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