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Image 500000 deviant Ambassadors
Partners Wed 20th Sep, 2006 15 comments
Posted by Paul I want to thank Susaye who's been working with us on getting all you lovely deviant artists helping us out over here. You guys are ambassadors because you know your digital art, but don't forget that this project is for all abiliti...

Image 500000 Deviant Art
Partners Fri 21st Jul, 2006 9 comments
Posted by Paul Just wanted to say thanks to Deviant Art for covering us and sending a whole load of traffic our way. I’ve been a fan of Deviant Art for ages – truly the best artistic community site of them all. Big thanks guys! ...

Image 500000 How photogentic is your DNA?
Partners Tue 17th Oct, 2006 2 comments
We’re pretty excited to have teamed up with DNA 11, a company that creates personalized and original abstract art from a sample of your DNA or fingerprints. The company appealed to us because of their totally unique approach to modern art – crea...

Image 500000 Renderosity community backs OMM
Partners Wed 22nd Nov, 2006 2 comments
We would like to welcome the online community Renderosity as the latest major website to back the project and join our global arts alliance. Renderosity is one of the largest online communities for graphic artists, and will be encouraging their ...

Image 500000 Computer Arts
Partners Wed 4th Oct, 2006 1 comments
One of the best magazines in the world, Computer Arts, have given us a great plug today. "Draw your own little picture and contribute to what's intended to be the world's  biggest collaborative picture, ever. And it's all for charidee."...

Image 500000 Inc announced as international sponsor of The One Million Masterpiece project
Partners Mon 24th Apr, 2006 0 comments, the world’s largest online poster and print store, was named today as a principal sponsor of The One Million Masterpiece project, the world’s largest artistic collaboration. and its brands,, and Poste...

Image 500000 London Translations
Partners Tue 6th Jun, 2006 0 comments
An agreement has today been made between The One Million Masterpiece and London Translations, one of the UK's leading translation companies. London Translations offer in-country translators and interpreters for a wide range of languages, including...

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