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Image 500000 Even more YouTube videos - we may have started something here...
Videos Mon 15th Jan, 2007 23 comments
We seem to have a new trend going on. The latest OMM videos to pop on YouTube can be found below. If you do post an OMM video on YouTube be sure to post your link here! ...

Image 500000 Angeli and Qian's image replay on YouTube
Videos Sun 14th Jan, 2007 9 comments
A few more image replays on YouTube. Could this be the secret of Angeli and Qian's massive ratings success? Let us know if you find any others. ...

Image 500000 J.T's YouTube video
Videos Mon 5th Feb, 2007 7 comments
Another great OMM video posted on YouTube. Some great editing skills here demonstrated by T.J - nice job. ...

Image 500000 Another YouTube video of OMM
Videos Fri 15th Dec, 2006 2 comments
Another little instructional video has been posted on YouTube about the OMM project. Check it out, and remember to rate it! ...

Image 500000 Teddy bear video
Videos Wed 26th Jul, 2006 1 comments
Fellow Million Masterpiece artist James has sent us a short video that he made using the One Million Masterpiece website. We've decided not to post it here, just in case anyone is sensitive to the welfare of teddy bears, however we thank James enorm...

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