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Image 500000 Official Facebook Application launched!
New features Tue 6th Nov, 2007 9 comments
We've just taken the wrapping off our new official Facebook application and would like to invite all Facebook users to take it for a spin. So what does it do? The application links your OMM and Facebook accounts, and allows you to create a mini...

Image 500000 Member and tagged search
New features Wed 19th Sep, 2007 5 comments
Weve finally reinstated the member search feature after a few months absence. The new service can be accessed from the Community menu. A search can be conducted for artist name, town, country or ID number. At the same time weve linked up pictu...

Image 500000 New features released
New features Sat 29th Sep, 2007 3 comments
Profile enhancements 1) All users can now upload a photograph to their profile home page 2) Donors and Supporters can now create double sized images in their gallery, with a super-sized replay feature 3) Auto-login is now set by default to enhan...

Image 500000 Comment on comments
New features Tue 7th Aug, 2007 1 comments
You may not have noticed, but you can now leave comments on your own pictures. This is to allow you to respond to comments and use the feature as a shout-box. A Comments History will be enabled in the OMM v2.1 update due some time in September, w...

Image 500000 New member bar at top of page
New features Wed 31st Jan, 2007 8 comments
A few structural changes are being applied to the site to make room for new content and features. The most significant of these changes is the moving of the member's option bar to the top of the website. Once logged in you will now see links to you...

Image 500000 Take your image with you
New features Fri 21st Jul, 2006 4 comments
We've created an easy way for you to post your One Million Masterpiece image on other websites. Simply visit your profile (or the profile of the picture you want to display) and copy the code in the text boxes. There are two sizes to choose from, a...

Image 500000 Upgrade to Picture Viewer
New features Thu 18th Jan, 2007 4 comments
We've just upgraded the picture viewer, which now includes a progressive zoom. It's hoped that this new version will prove an easier tool for exploring the growing picture. This is a beta upgrade and therefore feedback will be much appreciated. ...

Image 500000 Drawing software upgrade
New features Sun 20th Aug, 2006 1 comments
Posted by Paul In the past few days the drawing software has been upgraded so that it handles very complicated images more successfully. ...

Image 500000 A few new website features
New features Tue 5th Sep, 2006 1 comments
1) eCards : You can now send out eCards of any picture on the website. If you log in to your account first we'll also be able to track whether anyone that receives an eCard converts to a project member. For every converted member you will be awarde...

Image 500000 Website upgrades - domain and directory changes
New features Wed 21st Feb, 2007 1 comments
We've set a course for some major site upgrades over the next few months that will strengthen the community of the OMM project. The first of these changes are structural, which will pave the way for the more interesting improvements later on down th...

Image 500000 Planned updates to drawing software
New features Tue 27th Jun, 2006 0 comments
After some live testing we’ve found a few bugs in the current version of the drawing software. Firstly, we will be removing the square and circle drawing tools. They’re not really in keeping with the spirit of hand drawn images, and make it t...

Image 500000 Any comments?
New features Mon 9th Oct, 2006 0 comments
Good news - members can now leave a comment on any profile page. Think a picture is good, bad or want to say hello to a friend or family member – just leave them a comment. To post comments you must be logged in to the website. You are only perm...

Image 500000 New image playback tools
New features Sun 5th Nov, 2006 0 comments
Hooray! Eamonn has just finished an upgrade to the replay tools that will make replaying images much easier. We've now got three replay speeds, a pause button and a rewind. The cool thing about the new tools is that they allow you to view the ...

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