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Thu 1st Mar, 2012
Good Causes

OMM has been around for 6 years now, and if you were involved from the start then you will know that it is a lot quieter than it used to be. 


Recently the server crashed and it took more than a week of work to restore the files, software and reconfigure the apps so that the drawing tools work.


I am the only active admin left now on this site - and unfortunately I don't really have the time to do things like:


  • Remove Spam
  • Promote the site / get members
  • Post news
  • Manage the forums


So... I love this website and I still spend time maintaining it - i.e. keeping it 100% operational. But... if anyone could help with the tasks above, that would really be fantastic. We can still reach a million - but we will need help. 


This website is 100% non-profit - in fact it is very much loss-making... So I'm relying on getting some more volunteers, admins, promoters and spam-filterers on board. 

To get involved, please sent an email to:




Comments & Discussion

Tue 9th Jul, 2013
How can I Help you?

Fri 11th Apr, 2014
do i get a free account

Sat 24th May, 2014
How can I help?

Tue 7th Oct, 2014
how can I help?

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