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Spotlight : Sin-Mae Chung

Wed 17th Sep, 2008
Spotlight : Artist interviews

Artist spotlights are back!

The OMM is once again searching for exceptional members, looking at both their contribution in the community and outstanding skill using the painting tools to create original squares.

We are starting with Sin-Mae Chung, an artist who fulfills both criteria.
As one of the most active members in the forums, you are likely to have come across a comment from Sin-Mae and even more likely to have watched the incredible animation on her square or browsed her other amazing images. We caught up with Sin-Mae to ask her about her contribution.

An artist outside of the OMM, currently completing her last year of her Bachelor in fine arts degree, Sin-Mae works with all types of mediums “Currently I have been working with film and installation: I am fascinated with motion, process, altering perception and logic. And during my spare time I tend to focus more on drawing and painting” which perhaps explains her unique combination of animation and portraiture on her square.

"The animation was more of covering up my frustrations of my original drawing, although I started thinking about creating the animation through my mediation in that drawing. The flash drawing tool is such a great innovation, why not make use of its animation feature? From then on I began the process of finding a suitable style to create a seamless motion work. The piece is really a process/development based work.”

When asked about why she thinks her piece is so popular (third in the all time popularity list, with over 160 comments over her four squares) Sin-Mae replied “I am all dazed when it comes to things like popularity, it is like flying over the moon (so surreal)” but admits that she thinks it comes down to three things: “When it all comes down to it, innovation and expression, then a little promotion on the side”

“Being in a project like this one is a great tool for understanding the cultures that exists in this world. I suppose that is the positives of all art communities, everyone is supportive and it brings out the best in your nature.”

Sin-Mae found out about the OMM through DeviantArt, like many members, and decided to support what seemed like a new, difficult challenge – finding a million artists to create a snapshot of our world - “I am all support for going against what many would deem impossible.”
However, she feels that the most important goal of the OMM is much more profound than simply drawing in one million members.
“Networking, creating bridges across the diversity of cultural differences, uniting those with great aspirations to help through whatever means they can. And of course the Goal to help sponsors in their fight to save those that need saving, all for the better-ness of humanity.”
When asked if she thinks we will achieve this goal, her reply was simply “Yes, I believe in it, and I am very certain that I am not the only one.”

Well done on all your work Sin-Mae!

Written by Sarah Edwards and Stacey Dirickson

Comments & Discussion

Thu 18th Sep, 2008
Well done Sin-Mae! Big thanks also to Stacey and Sarah for highlighting her work.

Thu 18th Sep, 2008
Congratulations Sin-Mae! I knew it was just a matter of time before we saw you in the spotlight. Your square was here long before I was part of this project and has always been an inspiration to me. Well deserved spotlight!

Thu 18th Sep, 2008
Woohoo, you go girl! You certainly belong in the spotlight! :D

Thu 18th Sep, 2008
Worthy're a great artist...!

Mon 22nd Sep, 2008
wah.. Thanks for the feature.. and aww man you all are so sweet, I wanna hug you all! Thank you and the millionmasterpiece community for all the support and friendliness. And man, Sarah, Stacey, I swear you guys make me sound too smart :D

Tue 30th Sep, 2008
I am really happy that something I wrote actually made it onto the internet :) But Sin-Mae, when Stacey and I were choosing who to start with you were such an obvious choice, even when I first joined I loved you square. And also, you gave a pretty amazing interview :)

Fri 3rd Oct, 2008
A great choice of artist to kick off the spotlights again! Yours is always one of the squares I show to people to get them interested in TOMM as it shows off both the potential for creating beautiful drawings and the fun you can have with animating. Well done Sin-Mae!

Thu 6th Nov, 2008
Awesome. Well done- good to see a recent update to the main page as well, I was beginning to think we had been forgotten.

Sat 8th Nov, 2008
well done and much deserved congratulations to you :)

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