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Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar : Final category list
Art news Mon 22nd Oct, 2007 11 comments
Here's your chance to bag a place in our official 2008 Calendar and have your artwork shipped into thousands of homes around the world! Like last year, the twelve calendar categories will be made up of a hand picked selection of images that will m...

Image 483931 Space monkey news
Art news Wed 8th Aug, 2007 2 comments
To celebrate the OMM officially becoming the world's largest artistic collaboration a small red SPACE MONKEY (being one of the first to escape from Laura Dixon's square) will attempt to jump the Grand Canyon!!! T his historic event will happen on f...

Image 483931 One giant leap for SMkind
Art news Fri 10th Aug, 2007 1 comments
For those of you who missed the attempt, the jump was successfully completed at 22.03, when Red landed slightly short, it was touch and go as to weather he would make it but sheer determination saw him scramble his way to victory, watch out for film...

Image 587976 Best cities for art lovers
Art news Wed 27th Jun, 2007 5 comments
1.Berlin 2.Chicago 3.Florence 4.London 5.New York 6.Paris 7.Rome 8.San Miguel de Allende 9.Vienna 10.Washington, DC Apperently, these are the best cities in the world to go if you love art. Some pretty predictable, some not.....

Image 527139 Portraits and celebrity obsessions!
Art news Wed 11th Jul, 2007 5 comments
After having conducted some research into current art affairs, I have noticed the increasingly popularity in portraits, be it personal or of celebrities. In our society the rise of the power of celebrities is the highest it has ever been with our...

Image 472820 OMM Australia : The world's oldest masterpiece
Art news Tue 1st May, 2007 0 comments
Some of the rock art in Australia is six times as old as the Pyramids in Egypt. Even as an Australian I had absolutely no idea about the amazing things that are in my own country and some people want to keep me in that state of mind. The Burrup...

Image 527139 The Return of Art Deco?
Art news Thu 19th Jul, 2007 0 comments
I have an interesting news discussion... I recently spotted a huge poster advertising some new flats being built in London. The reason this caught my eye, was that because they were said to be designed in the style of Art Deco! We have seen fashio...

Image 548001 Celebrating Diversity
Art news Sat 28th Jul, 2007 0 comments
Diversity is strength. This phase is very well known. Some people endorse this and some people still question it. With due respect to everyone's opinion there is no point on questioning it because no one would have liked a bland world which had every...

Image 1001600 Art frome Vietnam
Art news Mon 12th Nov, 2007 0 comments
Viet Nam has long been the inspiration for many artists. The stunning natural scenery, atmospheric cities and unique people makes great subjects. For travellers, an original watercolour or oil painting makes a beautiful reminder of Vietnam and can e...

Art news Tue 6th May, 2008 0 comments
We are pleased to inform you that SMART & U is conducting India's First Online Fine Art Competition. May I request you to please visit (and click on the top banner on the home page) to know more about OFAC, registration form, terms & ...

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