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Where is the Big Collab?

Sat 3rd Nov, 2007

So far there are 30 members of the Big Collab group within the OMM. If you would like to join, or you have not already been moved, please comment on this news item!!

Big Collab location

Big Collab location

Comments & Discussion

Sun 4th Nov, 2007
Hey paul - got three more that need to be moved: Sarah Edwards Faith Schaffer ivana They all requested entry a little late :D If it's possible to put them on the top right to square off our section a bit that'd be fab :D Also - anyone else who'd like to join us just post here or on my bulletin, I'll poke paul if he doesn't catch it first hehe! :D A big big THANK YOU to the admins who have helped us collaborate; we're deliberating on ideas and brainstorming, it's already a lot of fun to see the creative process with so many people! Thanks again guys from the OMM team - this is going to be great :D

Tue 6th Nov, 2007
Hey team! Can we add one more? Bobbi-lee Richmond (what a fantastic kitty) And thanks for moving those four squares :D Cheers! Gracie

Tue 6th Nov, 2007
Annnnd we have another :D Keith would also like to join :D Cheers! Gracie

Wed 7th Nov, 2007
Haha, one more... sorry guys - Aunty Mor would like to join as well :)

Sat 10th Nov, 2007
how do we join? i'm interested! :)

Sun 11th Nov, 2007
Sounds Fun! May I join... If it's not too late.

Thu 15th Nov, 2007
Hey Paul & team - can we add Jo Emi and Sean Thanks :D -Gracie

Mon 26th Nov, 2007
thats pretty cool...would love to join...OMM is an amazing project.thank u guys...every single artists, and all OMM people! it

Tue 11th Dec, 2007
I would like to join to the Big Collab. thanks!

Wed 12th Dec, 2007
Ummm. Gracie has already mentioned me but just in too please! :)

Tue 18th Dec, 2007
I would like to join the Big Collab. =D

Wed 16th Jan, 2008
hehe...exciting! and poor Gracie, all that running around it seems you do!

Thu 14th Feb, 2008
Um I dont see mine there where is everyone discussing this as I am a bit lost with this site, and want to know what we are drawing and when

Wed 22nd Apr, 2009
What happened? Did everyone give up or is the Big Collab still going on? If so, please let me in!

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