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Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar - Who's who
Merchandise Mon 3rd Dec, 2007 109 comments
The following artists have been chosen to feature in the official One Million Masterpiece 2008 calendar. Well done to everyone who made the cut your picture will be proudly displayed in thousands of homes around the world! This years montage th...

Image 500000 Official 2008 Calendar - Available Now
Merchandise Mon 3rd Dec, 2007 27 comments
Its finally arrived the One Million Masterpiece Official 2008 Calendar. Every corner of the masterpiece has been scoured to find the images that make up our twelve themed montage images. This year of design team had a tough job, with thousands...

Image 500000 Call for 2008 calendar category suggestions
Merchandise Sat 8th Sep, 2007 9 comments
Its that time of year to start thinking calendars. We sold hundreds of our 2007 calendar which sold out quickly. Next year were expect demand to be equally high, and have therefore engaged the awesome printing ability of deviantArt who will be pr...

Image 500000 New December snapshot
Merchandise Thu 10th Jan, 2008 0 comments
The December 2007 OMM snapshot has just been uploaded on to deviantArt. Those of you with our 2008 calendar will already have a small version of this snapshot on the back page of your calendar. What's interesting is that the Big Collab is clearly...

Image 501600 Best of OMM - A Brand New Poster Now for Sale!
Merchandise Sun 26th Dec, 2010 0 comments
We are pleased to announce a brand new poster which is available for sale through DeviantArt! Our poster contains 450 unique artworks from the Million Masterpiece, created by artists from more than 50 countries worldwide. We have chosen the most popu...

Image 500000 Official 2007 Calendar - order now!
Merchandise Wed 10th Jan, 2007 99 comments
Start planning 2007 with the all new, completely official One Million Masterpiece calendar. We've scoured the entire masterpiece and have hand selected 1,000 images that represent the most beautiful, though provoking, popular and funny contributio...

Image 500000 Official 2007 Calendar - Who's who
Merchandise Fri 19th Jan, 2007 71 comments
Here is the final line-up of those members who have been chosen to represent the One Million Masterpiece in the 2007 calendar. Choosing images was a difficult task, but we feel there is a good range represented, and that the chosen images work toget...

Image 500000 Second batch of calendars ready for shipping
Merchandise Mon 29th Jan, 2007 8 comments
We were caught a little unprepared by the demand for the official 2007 calendars and quickly sold out of the first print run. We would like to thank everyone who has waited so patiently for the second batch to arrive, and can confirm that they will ...

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