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Official 2008 Calendar - Available Now

Mon 3rd Dec, 2007

Itís finally arrived Ė the One Million Masterpiece Official 2008 Calendar.

Every corner of the masterpiece has been scoured to find the images that make up our twelve themed montage images. This year of design team had a tough job, with thousands of beautiful, though provoking, popular and funny contributions to choose between.

The initially category list has been modified slightly to take account of the quality and number of images available, so now we have spectacular mosaic images representing themes such as Water, Heat, and Black & White. Each high resolution image is printed in full colour to make the most out of the amazing detail of each contribution.

2008 Calendar

Every artist is fully credited within the calendar with their name. The calendar also includes details of the project on the front cover and an invitation to join, which makes it a great Christmas gift for family and friends who haven't yet joined!

See whoís in the calendar here

Calendars will be produced and shipped worldwide by our print partner deviantArt. This year each calendar measures 11in x 8.5in (28sm x 22cm), is spiral bound through the centre and consist of 14 printed pages: 1 front cover, 1 back cover and a page for each month. Additionally, they have an extra heavy protection sheet for safe hanging.

All profits made from the sale of calendars will be donated to the OMM to help cover project running costs.

Order now

Calendars can be ordered via Paypal from this website here, or via the deviantArt website here. Please note that a wider range of shipping options is available through the deviantArt website (see below).

Christmas Shipping

Worldwide shipping can vary dramatically. Please place your order by 7 December to ensure delivery within the US by 24 December. For the UK and Europe add two working days. Additional time for other international locations may vary.

If you require faster deliver for Christmas (using Fedex or UPS premium delivery) please order directly from deviantArt here where a wider selection of delivery options is available.

Comments & Discussion

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
At first I was disappointed that I didnít make the cut, but then I noticed that both my wife and my best friend made it in. Thatís awesome. Congratulations to everyone that made it in this year.

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
I am in!! weeeeeeehaaaa!

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
i'm really amazed that my piece has been picked for the October one, its definitly not my best piece lol.

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
thank you guys!

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
YAY!!!! JANUARY!!! i did this in like 2005 i think....hmm...well it only took bout 15 mins to the first couple thousand members were chosen ;P j/k...everyone's a winner :D

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
I feel special. 1 out of 1800. No really, I feel special. Woot! I'm in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Thank you for choosing my picture :) it's not the level of difficulty I usually use, but I knew that making it so simple could be more touching than anything that could've taken hours to make :) I feel special to have my picture in feb, the month of my birthday. Thank you MMP!

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
thank u guys...

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
***Sherida Beach Art is in the calendar on the July page too!thanks you guys for picking her picci!Her 5 girls will now have Artistic Encouragement. How Special !Thanks Again!!!**

Tue 4th Dec, 2007
Awesome! I made it into the calendar. Congrats to everyone else! :)

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
Woah...I can't believe I made it onto the calendar. How awesome! ^^ Congratulations to everyone who also made it!

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
"The calendar costs USD24.99 (approximately GBP12.10, EUR16.99, AUD22.55)" That can't be right, can it? o.o For the Australian amount? Not that I have a problem with that being the real cost :D I wonder how lucky you are if you made it into the calendar... I wonder what it was they were looking for that made them pick my picture :P

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
freakin yaaaay!!!!! I'm in marrrrch and 26th march is my freakin birthday, happy freakin birthday to freakin meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
WOW!!! I'm on the December page! *Faints* And I am so NOT an artist!

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
Wow! I actually made the August calendar! That's quite a HUGE honor for me since I'm not really much of an artist. I'm so lucky to be among better artists than me in any calendar.

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
How much from the calendar goes to the charities?

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
I'll be honest, when I didn't make the first calendar I was so disappointed... I really wanted something to show to my daughter when she was older to show what she means to me. Now I'm in the 2008 one I'm over the moon. Thank you so much :)

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
Hi Cassie, the annual calendar profits are used to keep the project going for another year. They enable us to keep going, and keep collecting subscriptons for the charities (remember, we are a volentary, non-profit organisation but we do have overheads). If there is any surplus it is donated to partner charities in equal proportions.

Wed 5th Dec, 2007
hay im on the decembers page top well done to everyone

Thu 6th Dec, 2007
Don't you guys think that those of us that have poured our hearts and souls, or 15 minutes, into making our little drawings should get a deep discount on the calendar that we are a part of? I vote for 90% off.

Thu 6th Dec, 2007
yayyy im gonna get one for christmas! oo i should get one for my art teachers too... hehehehe. i do hope the money goes mostly to charity, if that's true i might have to order a whole box of them. ;)

Tue 11th Dec, 2007
my mother says she never received her 2007 calender!

Wed 12th Dec, 2007
When I first found out the calendar was out, I didn't even notice my name on it. When I checked my junk mail folder today, however, I found it. I'm honoured to be in it~ I never thought I'd be chosen. I'm so surprised~ <3

Fri 14th Dec, 2007
Mabuhay Philippines we made it! were in the 2008 calendar!!! peace

Mon 17th Dec, 2007
Mine's came today. Delivery successful. Well done again to everyone who made it.

Thu 27th Dec, 2007
awww I didn't make the cut again

Wed 9th Apr, 2008
My picture is not nearly as good as some of the people who didn't make it. I wonder how they picked...

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