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Image 500000 Hardware failure, but were back!
Bugs and errors Mon 28th Jan, 2008 2 comments
During the weekend the OMM server suffered a hardware failure resulting in the website being offline for 24 hours. We apologise for the vanishing act and hope that our loyal members weren't too disappointed by our absence! I can safely say howeve...

Image 500000 Registration email problem : 22:22:00 GMT FIXED
Bugs and errors Wed 29th Nov, 2006 12 comments
We are currently experiencing a problem with our registration process. Welcome emails containing registration codes are not being sent. We are working on the problem as quickly as we can. All registration codes will be emailed out later today. ...

Image 500000 Activation codes
Bugs and errors Tue 2nd Jan, 2007 6 comments
We are still having some problems with our activation code emails. If you are still awaiting a code please try the following: 1) Check you bulk email / spam inbox for our mail 2) Add the domains and millionmasterpi...

Image 500000 Todge closes website for 5 hours
Bugs and errors Sat 15th Jul, 2006 1 comments
We can now reveal that the website was closed for five hours last night because a stray duck caused a hijack alert! At 7pm last night developer Eamonn noticed that the drawing of a duck was randomly appearing throughout the site. Fearing a ser...

Image 500000 Black square problem - images not being updated - FIXED
Bugs and errors Thu 14th Dec, 2006 1 comments
We are currently experiencing an issue with the programs that duplicates each image throughout the site . All new images are currently appearing as black squares in the main picture, and recently edited pictures are not being updated. This is a t...

Image 500000 IMPORTANT: Images not being updated in Picture Viewer (FIXED)
Bugs and errors Sun 23rd Jul, 2006 0 comments
FIXED 23-07-2006 11:50GMTDue to the server disruption earlier today the software which updates images within the Picture Viewer is not running. We will aim to restart these programs shortly after 09:00 GMT on monday morning, but until then any chang...

Image 500000 Website down due to London datacenter failure (FIXED)
Bugs and errors Sun 23rd Jul, 2006 0 comments
The One Million Masterpiece has been down since around 1pm GMT today because of a massive datacentre failure in London. The site was eventually restored at around 7:40pm GMT. We’re so sorry that the site has been unavailable for the majority of...

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