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New buttons and banners for your websites

Sun 7th Jan, 2007
Banners, buttons and widgets

Some banners and buttons Alicia has made for the project - feel free to use as you like!

The first one is a corner banner that needs to be used with the exact code below:

The following are designed to be stuck on a computer monitor. Simply click on the image below, print, cutout and stick!

Comments & Discussion

Sat 6th Jan, 2007
Oooh! Very cool :D *picks out a good one to use* Ahh, it's too hard! They're all so great C:

Tue 9th Jan, 2007
How about - "These Britons are braking a record..."? That's be cool

Wed 10th Jan, 2007
Thats is cool! It will fit my every post with OMM banner!

Wed 10th Jan, 2007
Thats is cool! It will fit my every post with OMM banner!

Thu 11th Jan, 2007
YAY!! I see mine

Thu 11th Jan, 2007
YAY!! I see mine

Fri 12th Jan, 2007
I have just posted the American banner to my preview page at Deviant Art. I have encoraged my friends to join. Thank you so very much for includeing my picture on the banner. I'm honnered.

Fri 12th Jan, 2007
sorry for the spelling! :-)including,honored

Fri 12th Jan, 2007
Sorry about Canada, Jessica- I just did up some random countries off the top of my head, but I promise I'll do more. An advertising idea for you guys- print them off and take them to your local internet cafe. Comrade- thank you for the Britons idea- I was stuck thinking of a non-derogatory term for people from the United Kingdom (being Australian, we're often only taught not-so-nice words)

Tue 17th Jul, 2007
wonderful banners :D I posted the second one up on my deviantart journal <333

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