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Wed 1st Nov, 2006
Banners, buttons and widgets

Here are a couple of banners that can be used to link to the One Million Masterpiece website if you’re feeling charitable.

To benefit from these banners send me a message and I’ll forward you over a link code to use with them which will attribute any member sign-ups to you and boost your Leaderboard position.

468 x 60 version

728 x 90 version

64 x 64

150 x 220

Comments & Discussion

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
OK guys, to get the codes to you I'll need your Image Number - can you remember to post it in your messages here. To find it click on My Profile. Thanks!

Mon 25th Dec, 2006
May i have the 150x220 banner? my image number is 565608. thanks!

Mon 15th Jan, 2007
Hey Fisher! can I have 150 x 220 codes. Thanks! My image number is 474431!

Mon 15th Jan, 2007
another one is 728 x 90 version too.

Thu 18th Jan, 2007
May I have all three please? My number is 544740. Is it possible to link our own pictures as well, to use?

Fri 19th Jan, 2007
Hi Paul, I would like to use the 468x60 version please. My image number is 562393. Thanks :)

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