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Salt Lake City, UT, United States




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OMM Poster Design
Mon 1st Oct, 2007

I have been suffering from artists block lately, so I decided to do a simple poster design for OMM. Since I can't contribute money, I thought I would promote OMM with this little poster.

Poster Link:

Miniature Image Credits:
Lesley Tooze
Angeli Arndt
Joel Pigou
Paul Fisher
Christina S.
Qian Zhao
Katherine M
Sin-Mae Chung
Louise Beddow
Joe Montgomery
Gracie Rafferty
Spencer Hotz
In addition, I used most of the images included with the press pack (to many to name).

Artwork and logos remain the property of their respective copyright and trademark holders or owners.


About Jason Knight

I had been trying to decide what to paint for quite some time... several months in fact! I originally wanted to paint something meaningful and fitting with the global humanitarian theme. I started to paint the earth and realized that it wasn't very original so I completely started over. For the second try I decided to paint Noah's Ark, but I maxed out the number of brush strokes that could be saved, probably due to the play back function and how much detail I was trying to put in it. So, again I was struggling with what I should paint when it came to me... literally! My daughter ran into the room and started to climb on me like a monkey in a tree... so I decided to paint her. What brings more joy to people everywhere? What's worth preserving our planet for? Why should we donate to a charity? Who do we trust with our future? The answer is... our children!

Contact Information

None available.

More about Jason Knight

Occupation: Well... back in the day I was an art teacher at a community college, but that didnít last. I was not a very good teacher and my art skills were below some of the students that I was teaching. I am currently a freelance artist (more of a hobby) employed as a computer programmer and software developer.

My favourite pictures

Gracie Rafferty
Philadelphia, US

Sin-Mae Chung
Auckland, NZ

Joe Montgomery
o, CA

Louise Beddow
Broseley, GB

Lesley Tooze
Somewhere, GB

Qian Zhao
Chapel Hill, US

Joel Pigou
Leicestershire, GB

Paul Fisher
Chatham, GB

Angeli Arndt
Chicago, US

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My daughter.
Tags : child children girl daughter umbrella
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 501513 Marryjune
Fri 28th Feb, 2014
the poster is great, u are very talented artist.
Image 490440 Ronaldo Perez
Tue 21st Feb, 2012
Image 1003208 Soulayma
Mon 15th Nov, 2010
So good, result but the way you dit it is amazing !!!
Image 458354 Lina Walton
Sat 9th Oct, 2010
wonderful, beautifully done. I love it.
Image 596021 Michael Loyd
Thu 27th May, 2010
The detail in this image is fantastic!!
Image 392785 Am Y
Thu 18th Feb, 2010
Image 1004736 Ari Gottschalk
Tue 16th Feb, 2010
you've got my vote, jason. this is gorgeous, and i cant imagine how long this took. ha. (:
Image 487191 Charlene Craig
Thu 21st Jan, 2010
Hey, I just noticed you commmented on my little doodle. Thanks ever so much. Your contribution, truely is a masteriece.
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