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Courtney Woods Artist - Courtney Woods




Swansea, Australia




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This is more about my picture, though I suppose something about me can be learnt from it. Thank you all for the lovely comments- I'm glad you can appreciate my little doodles. But please- enough with the I, Robot comments. Yes, I know it looks like them. The first few images of these creatures (I call them my angels), they were mere doodles, more experimenting with colour and how I could use it. After a while, though, I became aware of how alike the robots in that movie they were. So I went with it. They're not supposed to be the robots, but I am borrowing their appearance. They're just the easiest way for me to express the ideas, moods and messages that I would forget about partway through an image if I spent so much time trying to (in my perfectionist way) get drawings of humans in these same settings to look just right. So, yes, I realise that they look like robots. I'm glad you liked the movie. Both Mr Asimov and Mr Smith are fantastic. But please stop mentioning how alike the robots and my angels are. :) I hope you have a wonderful day. Courtney.

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Unfinished. When you comment, if you do, please tell me which picture you like best. Update: 15/07/08: I am returning.... :D
Tags : emotion
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 485655 Isaac Wirtz
Sat 6th Feb, 2010
This is really impressive, lots of fun to watch!
Image 474351 Clare Sutherland
Wed 23rd Dec, 2009
Thanks very much! :)
Image 1002282 Jean Zakarauskas
Thu 9th Oct, 2008
You are more than just a good illustrator. Watching your playback, it's like attend the ferment of ideas and the inside questioning of an artist. Great! I like both of your squares but "change" is more "punchy" to me.
Image 383152 Michelle Berggren
Mon 22nd Sep, 2008
Very nice! They kinda look like the robots on iRobot...minus the wings. Very nice drawings though, very enjoyable to watch =D
Image 515958 Michelle Fabros
Fri 11th Jul, 2008
Wow... just wow. That was such a delight to watch all your different drawings. I think my favorites are the ones where the being is falling/flying towards the earth, and then the other one with the person staring at two others.
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Mon 14th Jan, 2008
wonderful!!!! this is very very nice!
Image 483943 Khym Nga
Mon 14th Jan, 2008
unfinished but somehow totally adorable. I really liked the one with the robot thing holding the flying valentine between its hands.
Image 1000702 Hiromi
Thu 27th Dec, 2007
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