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Laura Grace Rafferty Artist - Laura Grace Rafferty




Philadelphia, United States




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Oh Well.
Wed 3rd Nov, 2010
So the big collab never happened. It bummed me out so bad I left here for a while. I'm sorta back! If you guys ever want to do it, we're in the neighborhood. I didn't take it personal! :D

About Laura Grace Rafferty

I like to hop, sing, paint, and giggle! I live in the Philadelphia area. I also love to travel and see new places, I think it's really important for artists to see as much as they can of the world so we can better understand it.

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More about Laura Grace Rafferty

Occupation: Frontend Web Developer
Interests and Hobbies: Painting, Reading, Motorcycles, Learning languages, Traveling, Yoga, Hiking, Swimming, Politics (be careful though, I can put up a fight!), Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, and singing around the house when I'm alone... No! I'm not that bad really.. XD but there's something nice about letting it all go and singing my heart out. And of course, I love to hang out and have fun with my friends and family.
Artists: William Turner and Caravaggio are my main sources of inspiration, for light, color and form. But I also love to view and appreciate any art and artist, I can always learn something new!
Music: Camille, Jimi Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald, Missy Higgins, Afro-Celt Sound System, Os Tribalistas, Nikka Costa, Simon and Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Queen, Basement Jaxx, Canndleboxx, Juanes, Chopin, Raiden.. my music taste varies with my mood or what I'm doing, but I like just about anything with substance.
Movies: Old classics, action or epic fantasy, and comedy, mostly. More often than not, I choose comedies, 'cause it's always fun to watch with friends, and who doesn't like to laugh?
Books and Writers: We'll be here all day if I list my favorite authors so I'll skip this one. I'll just say I read about 1-7 books a month.
Personal Quote: "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." -Van Gogh

My favourite pictures

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woodford green, GB

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We are: The big collab

hey collab team! Check out the temporary collab idea from magnus! His bulletin is here:
Tags : big collaboration
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Mon 5th Oct, 2009
Image 616778 Drew P
Wed 12th Nov, 2008
just wanted to say thanks for the comment you made some time last year. i haven't logged into this thing since then. nice deviantart gallery!
Image 1000704 Chiara Pavoni
Wed 15th Oct, 2008
Hi, Gracie, I want to return your compliment about my sketch. Thank you very much! Bye bye!
Image 1001176 Shanna Muston
Tue 5th Feb, 2008
Hey Gracie, im still coming back to look at your pictures - just amazing. I hope that everything is OK for you. *hug* shan.
Image 607208 San Z4ky
Tue 15th Jan, 2008
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Tue 1st Jan, 2008
Happy New Year
Image 407201 Peno Mishoyan
Wed 26th Dec, 2007
thank you Gracie *hugs* ^^
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Wed 26th Dec, 2007
Merry Christmas It'sd still Christmas here for a few more minutes
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Sat 5th Jan, 2008
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Mon 17th Dec, 2007

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