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Save the mural !!!

Fri 7th Sep, 2007
Project news

Back in May, Jeran Moore painted an OMM mural on the wall of his school in Crofton, USA. His inspiration was Qian Zhao’s magnificent mountain top building – one of the all-time most popular OMM contributions.

Sadly, Jeran has reported that today the school are painting over the mural. All good things must come to an end, but the least we can do is immortalise his work of art here within the OMM forever!

Thank you Jeran for creating such a great example of how the world’s largest artistic collaboration can make the world a smaller place!

OMM Mural

Congratulations Jeran, we're hading you an upgrade in recognition of your outstanding contribution to the OMM project.

Comments & Discussion

Sat 8th Sep, 2007
Sorry to hear that the mural is being painted over it looked great. It's kind of ironic that Qian's fantastic contribution to the project represented the history and buildings that were being destroyed in China by 'progress' and now Jeran's mural has been destroyed. Is this art imitating life I wonder? Is it too late to be saved?

Thu 20th Sep, 2007
I am just glad I was able to finish before they killed it. And also hat i was able to get a good picture!

Thu 27th Dec, 2007
who jeez i didn't see this news entry... I was wayy too bogged down by my Senior year. But I was able to talk to Jeran (we're good deviantart buddies now) about it. I was honored that he chose my art to depict as a mural!

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