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Website upgrades - domain and directory changes

Wed 21st Feb, 2007
New features

We've set a course for some major site upgrades over the next few months that will strengthen the community of the OMM project. The first of these changes are structural, which will pave the way for the more interesting improvements later on down the line.

In the last few days the default domain for the OMM has been changed to While old links still work, it would be great if any new links to the website be made to the new address. The new address is easier to say and, critically, is shorter.

The second major change is that the directory structure has been flattened and simplified. Address strings are now much shorter and easier to recall. Again old links will continue to work but new links should only be made to the new addresses.

Comments & Discussion

Thu 22nd Feb, 2007
Way to go. Nice changes!

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