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Todge closes website for 5 hours

Sat 15th Jul, 2006
Bugs and errors

We can now reveal that the website was closed for five hours last night because a stray duck caused a hijack alert!

At 7pm last night developer Eamonn noticed that the drawing of a duck was randomly appearing throughout the site. Fearing a serious programming error or hijack attempt the site was immediately taken off line.

The site was scoured for hours, with every system being checked for malfunction or signs of foul play. The all clear was finally given at 12am.

The glitch was traced to a piece of test drawing software that was accidentally uploaded to the website during an upgrade. Although the software was removed immediately, Mrs Holford, the artist behind the duck, had inadvertently cached the rouge version in her browser which then placed the duck in random locations each time she used it.

The duck made several appearances during the course of the evening and was deleting other artists work as it went.

Mrs Holford was relieved when the drawing was finally returned to her, commenting “I was quite worried for his well being! He is our pet you see, and it's not the first time he's done a runner! Luckily he doesn't go too far”.

The culprit, Todge, can be seen here.

Comments & Discussion

Fri 15th Dec, 2006
"every system being checked for malfunction or signs of foul play" Surely this is a typo and should read "fowl play"? :-)

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