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A Grave Worry.
Sun 8th Jul, 2007
Excuse the pun in the title of this bulletin, but I have a worry and a bit of a plea to make to the community at large.

As most of you know, The last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released on the 21st of July. For me, it's 9:01 am, for others, it's a midnight release. For me, that 9:01, I'll be at my local bookstore dressed as Nymphadora Tonks, talking with people for a good few hours, grabbing my already paid for book and going straight home to start the final journey with my husband, because that's what it's like for me. The final journey. The last time I'll get to do this with JK Rowling's world.

When OOTP was released, I was spoiled. I foolishly looked at a Harry Potter Livejournal community while I was reading the book and found out what happened. I managed to avoid this for the sixth book. I didn't get it for quite some time after it was released because I was in the middle of my HSC exams (The Australian big scary university entrance end of year twelve exams like the A levels or the SAT). I was attending a school that had banned the Harry Potter books from their halls, which just meant that I red my american copy of OOTP with the dust jacket removed. I went to a bookstore during my exams with my then boyfriend, and we read it together. I fell asleep one night and he read through to the end, thinking that I was still awake, so in the morning he was like "Isn't it sad what happened?" Thankfully, he didn't tell me and I got to experience that for myself.

Anyway, to the point. I'm asking something of all of you, and that is the following.

I ask you all to find it in your hearts not to spoil this for other people by sharing spoilers in places that can be found by people who do not want to know about it. I do not want to know what happens or who dies until I experience it by reading the book. I know there are some of you out there who enjoy posting comments that could potentially spoil the entire experience of reading the last book for someone, but I beg you not to.

I am not asking for everyone to stop talking about it. If you do want to share your grief over anything that happens in the book, I ask you to place a spoiler label. A clear large one, and not one that's like "Oh, by the way here's a spoiler, Snape kills..."

I'm talking a big label that you can't see what's underneath without scrolling down, like the following.










Darth Vader is Luke's Father









Or, alternatively, where HTML is allowed, post the spoilery comment in the same colour as the background.

I do not want to cut the One Million Masterpiece out of the short list of sites that I am going to visit before I reach the end of Deathly Hallows. This list mostly consists of sites that do not involve user content, like Livejournal, Myspace, Wikipedia and the like. But, if I find myself with a genuine concern that I might be directed toward images containing what happens, or messages containing spoilers, I will cut the site out of my daily visiting schedule until i am finished.

I thank all of you in advance, and I'd love to see the community band together a bit in an effort to make sure that this is enjoyable for everyone. I'm aware that I'm obsessive and geeky, but for some of us, this is very, very important.

Cheers, guys. Just so this message resounds loud and clear, I'm going to post something of similar effect in the forums.


About Alicia Thompson

Femme. Married to mr. thompson. Friendly neighbourhood artist, musician, webdesigner, writer, dreamer. Living with husband, and perpetually looking for a new home. I was born on the central coast of nsw, australia, eighteen years ago to a pair of nurses. I do not consider myself what one would call a generic Australian, and yet I am one, just as I am also an American, although I am not a portrait of and American, either. As well as being a financially retarded artist, I also own my own web design business and am writing a series of what someone might call a graphic novel in the way that it's a mix between text and images but not in the way a picture book or traditional comic like graphic novel would be. Every other week I change what I want to be when I grow up; this week, I want to be a tattoo artist and children's book illustrator. I'm not a fan of drugs, but sex and rock and roll are all fine by me, but so is classical music. I live with my mother, who I'm caring for, while pretending to do the university thing.

Contact Information

aim: thetwopoets
msn: shes_so_unreliable [at] hotmail [dot] com

More about Alicia Thompson

Occupation: Student/web designer/artist
Interests and Hobbies: drawing, painting, sleeping in, staying up til sunrise, reading, Harry Potter, hot soup, having friends over, cooking, jam sessions, smiling, dreaming, being pleasantly contented, drama, acting, musical theatre.
Artists: Jasinski, Beardsley, Klimt
Music: The Whitlams, Placebo, Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, Badly Drawn Boy, Cake, Musical Theatre, David Gray, Regina Spektor, John Butler Trio, Bright Eyes, Ani DiFranco, Mad Caddies, Machine Gun Fellatio
Movies: About A Boy, V for Vendetta, Wilde, Clockwork Orange, My Mother Frank, Martha's New Coat, One Perfect Day, Serenity
Books and Writers: Wilde, JK Rowling, White Oleander, The Doll Triology, Henrik Ibsen, Closer, Austen, Waiting for Godot

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Image 554361 Hallie Stiller
Wed 7th May, 2008
Very nice illustration - I think you found him (yays bad pun!)
Image 1001788 tonick
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
this is so cool...great great job
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Tue 6th Nov, 2007
LOL That is still awesome..XD Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding.
Image 488818 Kenny McKellar
Thu 4th Oct, 2007
There's Wally. Nice one.
Image 376834 Morgan
Thu 12th Jul, 2007
that's really really cool. I must + and fav!
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Tue 10th Jul, 2007
darn u with ur very cool squares and ur fun in ur works lol. nah.. love waldo.. lol. excellent squares!!!!
Image 400799 Benjamin Wirtz
Sun 1st Jul, 2007
I found Waldo
Image 540016 Suzi Grossman
Sun 1st Jul, 2007
I love the stamp and postmark, very cool :)
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