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Wed 5th Nov, 2008
Art exhibitions

WritersCorps 15th Anniversary Exhibition

November 7, 2008 January 24, 2009

Artist Reception:

Thursday, November 13, 5:30-7:30pm

Lead Artists: Katharine Gin and Kjell Nordeson

Poets: Jorge Aburto, Robin Black, Antonio Caceres, Dubb, Eric Foster, Shahid Minapara, Antoinette Osborne, Indiana Pehlivanova, Sandra Pulido, Lateefah Simon and Annie Yu

Design Team: Arienne Aquino (graphic designer), Liz Ogbu (architect), Matthew Toon (builder), Deanna VanBuren (architect), and Annie Yu (collage artist)

In celebration of its 15th Anniversary, WritersCorps, a project of the San Francisco Arts Commission, presents This Place Called Poetry. For this exhibition multimedia artist Katharine Gin and sound artist Kjell Nordeson have created a comprehensive installation highlighting 11 young writers who have developed their poetic voices in the WritersCorps program.

This Place Called Poetry is a presentation of art, film and interactive projects designed to tell the stories of young people finding and claiming their place here in San Francisco. For the past year, Gin and Nordeson worked with select writers to create a bold collection of works. They also collaborated with an exceptional design team to transform the entire Gallery into a site of multiple destinations." Visitors are invited to appreciate and engage with the youths poetry and life stories by viewing short films, listening to audio recordings, responding to writing prompts, and even exhibit their own writing. Each destination allows visitors to listen, view and at times even touch the words of these young writers. This Place Called Poetry will give visitors a rich understanding of the creative journeys taken by young San Francisco writers.

Hope You can make it to San Francisco


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