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Tue 19th Aug, 2008
Art exhibitions

4th in the series "Catch by the eye save in the heart"going to take place at Eatonterrace gallery London Belgravia between 21 and 27 September.

"Catch by the eye.."is Popularly known as an exhibition representing artists with diferent background. Among exhibitors as diverse as British, French, Italian, Australian and Nigerian there was also work exhibited by Polish,Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian artists.

The exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to emerging artists who are at a particular stage in their development, those falling between student and recognised artist status

The aim of the project is also to awaken the hidden artistic talent in the souls of visitors. The concept involves an empty canvas placed at the heart of the exhibition with paints and brushes left freely available. The parcticipating artists encourage the visitors to create an irreplaceable piece of art. The last canvas was painted by 90 people and managed to catch the attention of fans,media and officials intstitutions.

Among other things, the "Catch by the eye save in the heart" project aims to give artists with diferent nationalities a chance to represent the culturual profile of their countries by exhibiting their work together and sharing their reflections directly with the general public. for details please visit:

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