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A bright flash illuminates the storm at night.
Tags : storm sea waves clouds night
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 501513 Marryjune
Wed 26th Feb, 2014
i really like this drawing. very attractive used of colours.
Image 1004379 Kevin Hale
Thu 18th Jun, 2009
Joel, this is absolutely incredible work. I love the colors and I also enjoyed how you were playful with the canvas.
Image 568748 Dayna Spinner
Tue 7th Oct, 2008
Truly astounding work- beautiful!
Image 464861 Justin Ong
Sun 5th Oct, 2008
Wow. That is just brilliant. The sky is amazing and the sea is breathtaking. You're brilliant.
Image 517641 Julia Barrameda
Thu 28th Aug, 2008
..............oops, my breath got taken away again...Its so beautiful and stunning....
Image 421570 Anonymous
Sun 6th Jul, 2008
This is just... too amazing.. I can't belive how great it it is, how real it looks.
Image 540069 Anthony Armetta
Sat 7th Jun, 2008
Absolutely astonishing.
Image 589571 Paul Jones
Mon 2nd Jun, 2008
amazing. Wow
Image 523913 Erik Feltes
Sat 29th Mar, 2008
I love how you started with something totally different and then It became the storm. Great focus on detail.
Image 1002121 Chen Hui Jing
Tue 12th Feb, 2008
you are amazing...did u use a mouse for this?
Image 562480 Mitico meschino
Mon 4th Feb, 2008
Incredible...many many compliments...i vote for you...bye...
Image 1002282 Jean Zakarauskas
Wed 23rd Jan, 2008
A masterpiece within the big masterpiece.
Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Fri 4th Jan, 2008
Perfect cloud, (magic&mystic):-)
Image 464771 Jan Patterson
Wed 2nd Jan, 2008
I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said o_o I'm just in awe lol.
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Thu 27th Dec, 2007
sttunniinngggllyy awesome:)!!
Image 1001907 Meno
Sat 15th Dec, 2007
*gasp!* Takes my breath away!
Image 1002074 anne
Thu 13th Dec, 2007
wow, you took so much time to make this pic! really amazing how you did the shading and tiny bolts of electricity
Image 460053 Ane Katarina Witt
Wed 12th Dec, 2007
this is incredible :) wow
Image 1002076 Jenn
Wed 12th Dec, 2007
This picture portrays a storm,not like the ordinary drawing,but maybe a photo.Beautiful detail,stunning inner feelings.
Image 436073 Laura Bretherton
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
I adore the use of colour and how well the power of the storm is portrayed. The soft blending on the clouds is so painterly, and I am really loving the way you drew the waves with all the different colours and how they look as though they have veins. Wonderful stuff : )

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