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iPod with Boyz II Men's "I'll make love to you". That song cracks me up and is a nice loud-car-sing-a-long song-while-driving song.
Tags : kelly
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 384834 Anonymous
Thu 25th Oct, 2007
what a colourful playback! :-)
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Tue 1st May, 2007
heya.. nice layering used there, it was very buzzy watching the playback of it! btw thanks for dropping by my square..
Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sat 28th Apr, 2007
Just stopping by to say hello! -Jason
Image 541566 Lesley Tooze
Wed 7th Feb, 2007
It certainly does and it's full of colour too!
Image 508042 Tracey Pearce
Wed 31st Jan, 2007
Rock n Roll dude love your colours
Image 477601 Jan Kowalewski
Wed 24th Jan, 2007
Nice rocks!
Image 500070 Brian Masson
Sun 14th Jan, 2007
Image 459939 Joe Montgomery
Fri 12th Jan, 2007
Image 418428 Christina S.
Fri 12th Jan, 2007
Oh! Cool! That is such a wild pic :D I love all the colors you used C:
Image 419974 Riekkie R
Thu 11th Jan, 2007
So true!!
Image 491954 Wun Tien Yaw
Thu 21st Dec, 2006
rock on man!!!
Image 418364 Pat Hughes
Thu 21st Dec, 2006
you bet it does! groovy!
Image 421573 Allison Dollar
Thu 21st Dec, 2006
Yes! Life really does ROCK!
Image 466359 Terianne Campos
Wed 20th Dec, 2006
groovy pic. rock on!
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Wed 13th Dec, 2006
hehe - it does indeed rock!
Image 549567 Beth Perez (Beth McBeth)
Tue 12th Dec, 2006
Love the colors and all the dots are so fun! -Beth
Image 504857 Dragonfly
Sun 10th Dec, 2006
love the guitar,,and yes life dose rock,,and thx for the commit n_n
Image 488792 Laura Dixon
Thu 7th Dec, 2006
Life and your square rocks!
Image 413584 Marco Silva
Thu 7th Dec, 2006
life rocks indeed
Image 517641 Julia Barrameda
Thu 7th Dec, 2006
Thanks for the comment..and your right Life really does ROCK!! :D

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