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Jan Kowalewski Artist - Jan Kowalewski




Gostycyn - Tuchola Forest, Poland, Poland




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Last square!
Sun 21st Dec, 2008
Yes, my last picture is done already. I will be back when I have got some money for upgrade my accout. See you next year!

About Jan Kowalewski

Hello, I'm Jan. I'm artist painter from Poland. I like music (see details below), Studio Ghibli movies (Mononoke Hime is my favourite) and nice food. I'm addicted to coffee, net browsing and sometimes I'm really lazy. I like to draw and paint. I was Pokemon freak when I was younger. I'm friend to trees. I think this planet without trees would be bleak and empty. ;] I love bunnies.

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Occupation: IT network administrator
Interests and Hobbies: music, art, old movies, books, history, working with computers, bunnies...
Artists: Hayao Miyazaki, Wojciech Kilar, Akira Kurosawa, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Walt Disney, Wojciech Kossak,
Music: movie soundtracks and j-rock, Art Garfunkel, Enya, Vangelis, X-Japan, Hans Zimmer (almost all what he had composed!!), James Horner (Titanic), Klaus Badelt(Time Machine), John-Barry (Dances with wolves and Bond soundtracs), Alan Silvestri (eg Back to the future), John Williams (many things), Joe Hisaishi (everything, his music is awesome!), Arisawa Takanori (his Sailor Moon background music and Dragon Ball....), Yutaka Ozaki, Kitaro, Yoshida Brothers, Wagner, Mozart, G.F. Handel, Beethoven, Vivaldi, polish baroque music, polish military music (Warszawianka, Serce w plecaku, Mazurek Dabrowskiego, Szara piechota, Piesn o Baltyku, Maki na Monte Casino, Diwizjon 303, Marsz polonia, Wroca chlopcy z wojny, Bijcie nam srebrne dzwony - I accept only the Polish Armed Forces Military Band versions, Don't listen enything else, the music is extremely hard to find! like here:, Russian military (Alexandrov Choir), other military music (France, Great Britain, Germany - Presäntier March, Prussens Glory, Königgrätzer Marsch, Auf Ansbach Dragoner) something from USA (Navy Seals march to kadence...)and Japan eg. Gunkan March). And many more. I love good music.
Movies: Dances with wolves, Star Wars, Ran, Ame Agaru, Last Samurai, Time Machine (everything of steampunk), Steamboy, Studio Ghibli, Patriot, Pan Tadeusz, Potop, Sylvanian Families, Pokemon 2000, Mibugishiden, Watership down, Symply painting by Frank Clarke, Lord of the rings, Beautiful mind, Meet Joe Black, Crounchin Tiger hidden Dragon, Memoirs of geisha, Shogun, everything of Kurosawa..., Westerplatte, Hubal, Wierna rzeka, Lalka, Vabank, McGyver :D, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the movie (1998), Czterech pancernych i pies, James Bond movies,
Books and Writers: Richard Adams 'Watership Down', Brian Jacques "Redwall", A. Mickiewicz "Pan Tadeusz", H. Sienkiewicz, James Clavell, Boguslaw Woloszanski, Julius Verne,
Personal Quote: When tiger is roaring all the jungle walks very quiet...

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Image 591190 Anonymous
Tue 12th May, 2009
Image 610417 Miss Colly
Sun 1st Mar, 2009
Thanks for the comment. Sorry about the late reply i like your square ^^
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Sun 21st Dec, 2008
great square :)
Image 1003925 Heather Hollandsworth
Tue 9th Dec, 2008
haha kewl!
Image 485655 Isaac Wirtz
Tue 25th Dec, 2007
Merry Christmas!
Image 522392 Sharon Pascoe
Fri 21st Dec, 2007
Thank for your lovely comment! Cute cartoon - cool
Image 394417 Insherah Sughayer
Sun 19th Aug, 2007
great picture =]
Image 559155 Rebecca Swift
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
thats pretty cool =D great pic!
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