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Budapest, Hungary




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Thu 16th Aug, 2007

First version of my tool was a great invention, but the drawing quality was very bad, you can see that for yourself in my gallery. The demo of the second version, which was featured in the spotlight, was much better, but still looked a lot like a drawing (however surprising it may seem, this wasn't my primary goal) and had some minor errors, like too sharp edges, bad colors, etc. Not bad from a computer program, you might say, but many artists could draw much smoother, seamless pictures. Don't get me wrong, I respect each and every artist, no matter what, but this wasn't enough for me. So I kept on working, and at this moment, I just invented my newest algorithm and uploaded a demonstration. Now I gotta say, I'm totally breathless, it's almost indistinguishable from the original photo! It's just incredible.

The OMM staff is gonna have this tool in a few days, and after that, let's just keep on waiting for celebrities' drawings to be processed by it. I can hardly wait, it's gonna be awesome! And I don't mean (only) their drawings, but their involvement in general.

Thanks for the votes everyone, and remember, just be creative in every way you can!


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Landscape - the limits of my tool

Vivid colors are not a problem for my tool, but very small details are the toughest challenge, even for OMM. The smallest details are totally lost, so it looks rather like a painting.
Tags : mountain landscape drawing tool
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 611993 Alan McGuigan
Mon 8th Sep, 2008
Hi Josef you mention your drawing tool in a couple of pictures in your gallery, is it a scanner ,ha ha, your pictures are fantastic.
Image 483994 Julie Teel
Thu 24th Jul, 2008
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Fri 29th Feb, 2008
im impressed! amazing...
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Thu 27th Dec, 2007
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Sun 16th Dec, 2007
Good job on the program, it's really amazing I do not understand anything of mathematics, but like to think I understand some things about drawing and stuff, so I know finding the right strokes can be difficult...I guess that would be more or less the same in designing a program. Good luck with your future projects...a good day to you!!
Image 436073 Laura Bretherton
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
Thats so beautiful. The colours are so vivid and real, the sky and lake look amazing. The textures in the foliage are wonderful, so much like a real painting. The scene itself is gorgeous too, I love this!
Image 551212 Maggie Keane
Thu 29th Nov, 2007
Wow to you too! How was that done?
Image 575224 Susanna Vablatsky
Thu 18th Oct, 2007
You made the best of this simple program!stunning picture:)
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