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Really Want a Tablet...

Mon 14th Jan, 2008

Hey Guys, I really want a tablet, I'm saving up to get one but the problem is I don't know which type to get, I was Thinking maybe getting one of the tablet laptops but I heard some bad things about them, Plus they are very expensive, even tho i do need a new computer for home... So here is my question.. What type of Tablet should I consider and What kind do u have If you do. Thanks


Comments & discussion:

Image 541685 Dee Dee
Wed 20th Feb, 2008

Yeah I hear about the Wacom tablet alot... But not so sure... The size is a lil dalting...

Image 459995 Lauren Bryce
Tue 19th Feb, 2008

I was thinking about buying a tablet too. I considered getting a wacom bamboo but wasn't sure about the size...

Image 1001176 Shanna Muston
Tue 15th Jan, 2008

im back again hehe, the 4x6 is what i have and its good cause it doesn't take up heaps of room in your working space either.

Image 508021 Jin K
Tue 15th Jan, 2008

i have a wacom tablet, but i pretty much recommend anything tablet by wacom. I especially like the graphire and intuos series. mine is 6x8, which is too large for me, so i would go smaller like 4x6. it offers more accuracy i think (on mine, the lines get really wobbly). that's all i really know, but good luck! i hope your shopping goes well!

Image 1001176 Shanna Muston
Tue 15th Jan, 2008

I just bought a tablet about 2 months ago, and ive used it for about everything except for the OMM, only for some writing on my square.

I bought a wacom Bamboo. Its pretty cute, but its fairly small.

I bought this because i knew i would only be using it small time and i could get it without retail markup, so that made it pretty cheap, (woot woot). Also i didn't want to spend heaps of money and find out i actually rathered mouse (in some cases i do)

Obviously your wanting to get a pretty good one, and all i can suggest is if you can try out the laptop ones before you buy? Im sure heaps of others know lots more about em' then me.

good luck shopping! shanny.

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