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SM/NY borrn in the aim of speaking an international, cosmopolitan and eclectic language. The intention of becoming more and more projected towards a consolidated international dimension - giving evidence of our history and the spirit that has led our activities to the present day. The desire that our message will become a reference point at international level for young creative people. SM/NY is projected towards the external scenario in order to understand ongoing changes in terms of both tastes and technological innovations. Moreover, continuous experimentation on new languages and expressive modalites allow SM/NY to communicate through his projects, finely-tuned with society and costume transformations. Thanks to this flexible and transversal approach, SM/NY acquire a cultural background on design and communication that distinguishes it. Evening projects in the SM/NY area, belong to a wide sector that includes the application of creative skills in the design project. Moreover SM/NY learn that projects can be realised either following traditional techniques, like free-hand drawing, ot through the implementation of the nost innovative software. The SM/NY area , was born from the awareness of the enormous importance communication has assumed in contemporary society. Knowing how to communicate a product, knowing how to give it an image that will strike the attention of consumers is the element that completes a project. SM/NY answers the market need by offering a series of ideas that tackle communication globally. The art designer: Art designers are professionals that must be capable of blending technique and creativity, developing their know how not only in the use of basic tools to design every objects, but also on the implementation of technologies and innovative materials. Art designers must develop great intuition on the latest trends in taste and a capacity for negotiating and mediating with all corporate functions, (from Marketing Directors to Product Managers), and with all the external professionals that interact with the enterprise. They are professionals that, together with a sound aesthetic and artistic cultural background, are capable of developing positive attitudes towards team work, under the sign of "flexibility". Art designers are professionals sensitive to the changes in taste and costume, interpreters of a system of signs and languages that permeates everyday life. SM/NY avails of an extensive "creative laboratory", where enterprises are involved as the leading protagonists of the concrete projects they carry out thanks to the most innovative technologies and tools. In our SM/NY method, enterprises represent indispensable reference points that support and give visibility to every projects carried out in SM/NY. A melting pot, not only of ideas and creativity, but also of concreteness and professionalism. SM/NY since 2003, offers advice to enterprises in the fields of applied research and integrated projects and, on behalf of Stefano Mitrione, ideates and implements special projects. Humility, creativity and familiarity with the technological tools and means for the development of projects are all fundamental characteristics for a successful approach to this world. With this goal in mind, collaboration with enterprises is a key element of all SM/NY methodology. Partnership contributions differ on the basis of the projects but companies can interact with SM/NY as parteners also. Whatever role they take on, they always transmit a patrimony of information and experiences that is indispensable for the professional growth and qualification of SM/NY future. SM/NY also transforms into a theatre of encounters, exchanges and contacts that become an integrated part of the story of both.

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