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For all project enquiries, please follow the link in our contact form below.

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Please visit our press page for contact information and project information.

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To deactivate your account

Please login then navigate to - there is also a link to the deactivation page on the 'edit profile' page, at the very bottom. If you have forgotten your login details you will need to reset your password (see below).

I have forgotten my login details. How can I log in?

Please go to the reset password page then enter the email you gave when you joined Million Masterpiece in the box provided. If you are not sure which email you used, then you can try entering several emails and check each of your accounts for the reset password email. When you use this feature you will receive an email containing a link which allows you to choose a new password for your account.

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If you need to contact an administrator, please use the link to our contact form below. Please do not contact us about account deactivation or password resetting unless you have exhausted every other possibility.

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