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Louis Zhao




Wolverhampton, United Kingdom




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Hi there, I'm King Louis, I am 1 year and 5 months old. I live in England and I am the owner of the mega complex ''Daredevils'': website, magazine, events, merchandise and so on. I have been given the British Nationality by her majesty the queen, she changed the law for me. This is my story: My mom came to England to study in university alone from China in 2002, she was 20 years old. She lived on her own for 4 years, being exploited by slave drivers and bullyed by racist wacks in the worst town in England, Luton. My bloodfather lied to my mom that both of his parents were died and he need a place to stay, mom let dad stay in her house until he finds a place himself, later my father proposed to my mother and conned money of her to buy a property that were supposed for all of us before I was born. After my father got the house, he hided away and said he doesn't know my mom, he told her to fuck off back to China. I was 6 and half months fetus in my mom's body. She was fired by her boss as father told everyone at work that mom is all the bad things that he could ever thought of. Mother became homeless, starved and unwell. on December 28th, 2005. I was born into this cold planet with these cold blooded animals, alone, nobody was there to vitness my birth, I cried, I didn't know how to stop. It seemed life is a suffer before I was even born. The only thing I could do was to lay beside my mom to make her feel warm. We had nowhere to go back to, no home. My father refused to register me, I became stateless. I was in all the major and locoal newspapers, BBC Radio Three Counties, My locoal MP Andrew Selous took my case to the Paliarment and passed it on to the Queen. In Britain, it used to be fathers have nothing to do with their children if he's not married to the mother. And in Britain to change a law takes many processes and time even it's unjustified. But that law changed under her majesty's command in days. From July 1st, 2006. All the children born in Britian with British fathers are not being smuggled out of the country anymore. Freedom, all the children's freedom, remember, it was me and my mother's blood.

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We are so dwelled on our colours, we forgot we are all humans. The queen of England is wiser than you think!
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 376755 The Psychadelic Goldfish
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Lol, nice (-: Simple but v. effective!! Thanks for the comment. I gave you a vote (-;
Image 541685 Deanna
Wed 18th Jul, 2007
love that things worked out for u. Have a great day!!
Image 533650 Janet Yasenchak-Votta
Thu 28th Jun, 2007
Interesting and sad story with a happy ending. Nice square. +1
Image 418428 Christina S.
Tue 26th Jun, 2007
I agree! c:
Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Fri 22nd Jun, 2007
wow that's an insane story. I hope to god that monster of a husband wasn't a Zhao. if so. I feel disgraced.
Image 527139 Cat A
Tue 19th Jun, 2007
nice work!
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Tue 12th Jun, 2007
I love it! Great story :)
Image 459939 Joe Montgomery
Sat 9th Jun, 2007
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