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Time for a change
Tue 14th Aug, 2007
It was time for my picture to change, and luckily, I had time for a change. This girl is young and content. This girl is radiant, bold, and colorful.

It seems like every time I post a change on here, my style changes along with my comfort level with the tools. A few changes have been undone, but most of them are still here. As long as there is time, she will continue to change as we all do. All I can hope to do is capture some of this through her appearance, feelings (and maybe motives some day) and show it through metaphor, color, mood, style, etc. If only it were that easy to see change in other people.

About Angeli Arndt

I live in Chicago with my husband, son, and a couple no-good cats. I like art and design and had a lot of fun working on this project about a million years ago.

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More about Angeli Arndt

Occupation: Marketer and Designer
Interests and Hobbies: Making things, hanging out with people I really like

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Movie: "I'm Always Changing For You"

(mouse) Did she change for her family? a lover? a job? her friends? society? Most things are left incomplete.
Tags : change woman movie incomplete
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 527166 Alya A
Wed 2nd Jun, 2010
Amazing work!!
Image 387981 PD
Mon 9th Feb, 2009
that is the most awesome play back!
Image 1003692 Jane Baxter
Wed 29th Oct, 2008
love it. specially the pink feather boa:)
Image 500058 Vani Agarwal
Wed 20th Aug, 2008
your square is so cool! Its so detailed
Image 483994 Julie Teel
Mon 28th Jul, 2008
THİS is truly a great work throughout ! a wonderful use of this program ... inspiring ındeed . make more !!!!!!!!
Image 551212 Maggie Keane
Fri 20th Jun, 2008
I love the way your piece changes. BTW, how did you get it onto Youtube?
Image 540069 Anthony Armetta
Sat 7th Jun, 2008
Amazing playback on this one! I wholeheartedly approve!
Image 525649 Alexander Johansen
Fri 30th May, 2008
This is truely fantastic :)
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