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Time Line

representing time on the world Time can go on Forever but life has an end, including mother nature so lets make the most of the life we have and make our time last longer..stop wars stop hate
Tags : earth world time timeline clock new art abstract
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 562480 Mitico meschino
Tue 5th Feb, 2008
Hi Michelle,thanks for a comment...i'm flattered...i prefer this one...very allegorical picture...compliments...for the meaning too...bye...
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Tue 30th Oct, 2007
great gallery - enjoyed all. well done!! & thank you for the comment, too. ;-)
Image 483998 J West
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Cheers. Fab square, great concept!
Image 501635 Marjie H.
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Thank you, I remember your square too!
Image 536783 Kimberly Li
Tue 18th Sep, 2007
nice picture and message! :D
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Wed 12th Sep, 2007
Lovely message here!
Image 440736 Anonymous
Tue 11th Sep, 2007
Thank you for the lovely comment. My playback is okay, but I'm still not satisfied with the final product. I'll get it eventually...I'm sure I will.
Image 429613 Jeran Moore
Sat 8th Sep, 2007
i like it!
Image 466484 Melek Tekin
Sat 8th Sep, 2007
1t's perfect picture
Image 1000782 ivana
Thu 6th Sep, 2007
thanks! you have expressed a beautiful message illustrated much good
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Wed 5th Sep, 2007
This is a lovely pictorial representation of your message, which is great. Thanks for your kind comment as well.
Image 472862 Benjamin Horak
Sat 21st Jul, 2007
a great message.
Image 495201 Linzi Stoppard
Mon 16th Jul, 2007
Thanks for your comment, great work!
Image 554448 J Yang
Tue 10th Jul, 2007
I completely agree with your message. nice job!
Image 450359 Alejandra Ocampo Cicero
Fri 6th Jul, 2007
Very interesting and moving concept, I totally agree with you :)
Image 1000068 Cath
Thu 5th Jul, 2007
thanks for the comment! i like the idea of yours a lot, well done! +1vote!
Image 504857 nadia
Tue 3rd Jul, 2007
great work on ur pic,,also great concept....=)
Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Tue 3rd Jul, 2007
nice picture. good concept.
Image 536783 Kimberly Li
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
great concept! +
Image 541685 Deanna
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
Thanks for your comment! yours is really great love the bright colors in your square! Great job!

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