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F Alejandra Ocampo Cicero

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Alejandra Ocampo Cicero




Cuernavaca, Mexico




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About Alejandra Ocampo Cicero

Hey there, I live in the "City of the eternal spring" in Mexico. I have a deep conection with nature and love all kinds of art. I think the most important thing about art, is expressing your true self and sharing emotions.

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The seed of love

Everytime the world cries for the pain we have caused, perhaps, if you paid attention, you could see a little seed of love bloom; because if one of us changes, hope will remain eternal.
Tags : seed of live rain cry
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 1004623 Ruth Ciara
Tue 15th Dec, 2009
I love the way you have done this, and its message Xxx
Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Sun 12th Oct, 2008
I love the style and the message
Image 479134 SoL Savoretti
Thu 4th Sep, 2008
Thanks for your comment on my pic!! I really really like yours, too!!! :D
Image 562480 Mitico Meschino
Thu 10th Apr, 2008
Good draw...great meaning...
Image 477537 Liz Joyce
Tue 25th Mar, 2008
Thanks for your comment. This is a great square - lovely sentiment!
Image 483998 J West
Tue 18th Mar, 2008
Does feel like that from time to time - tiniest glimmer of hope. And, a tiny speck of green on slabs of grey. Very nice square! ;D
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Mon 17th Mar, 2008
Lovely message and great picture to go along with it as well, love the contrast of colours. Thanks for your comment as well on the collab. Cheers Mark
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Wed 30th Jan, 2008
so ur square and ur message...
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