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Wed 27th Jun, 2007

In This World

look at all the madness

wondering if anyone knows the pain the world is feeling

look from a distance you will find the world is weeping

whilst we are sleeping not waking up to reality

mother nature is dying

our eyes are closed

to the pain and suffering we do to her and ourselves

the end is near

can't you hear the cries

hopes that she had now but faded away

can we not survive, help love and life stay alive

or is it to late

are we all just about hate

death and destruction

destroying each others souls

and mother natures itself

Learn more about this author, Michelle Scott.

As your aware by my about me, poetry is part of my life

and this poem is relevent to my OMM picture

Comments & discussion:

Image 469638 Ryan Bauer
Wed 27th Jun, 2007

I write poems as well.... it is great that someone can accompany a painting with a poem..... it just adds to the heart that is put into it.

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