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Urszula Molicka Artist - Urszula Molicka




Cracow, Poland




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About Urszula Molicka

hi! I'm a passionate of photography and sailing. I live in an enchanted city of Cracow, where I study political science on the Jagiellonian University. I'm not good in drawing, so my picture is quite simple, but I wish you'll like it :)

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Interests and Hobbies: photograpvy, scandinavian movie, sailing
Artists: Salvadore Dali, Gustav Klimt, Alfons Mucha, Andy Warhol
Movies: Wild Berries, Buddy, Dancer in the Dark, Amelie, Donnie Darko, Butterfly Effect, Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, Virgin Suicides, Pulp Fiction
Personal Quote: if you're patient and you wait long enough, nothing will happen.

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the tree

I'm not good in drawing, but I did my best. why the tree? it's the birth, the nature, the new world, new possibilities, it's food, home and fire. the tree could be a symbol of life and hope.
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 533541 Jason Knight
Sat 28th Apr, 2007
Just stopping by to say hello! -Jason
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Sat 7th Apr, 2007
this is such a cute tree. i love the ways u did the apples.. its like i can imagine this tree suddenly morph into a character.. :D
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Mon 12th Mar, 2007
Lovely drawing of a tree and only Christina has rated it?! Thats so mean!
Image 584817 Paulina Mahorowska
Wed 7th Mar, 2007
slodkie jablka :P
Image 418428 Christina S.
Tue 9th Jan, 2007
Impeccable design! I love how the colors look together C: Its a great symbolic piece too :D
Image 440790 Kirstie Mok
Tue 2nd Jan, 2007
thanks for the comment. :) i like this; it's so cute!! ^^ and the meaning behind it is cool too. love kxx
Image 421573 Allison Dollar
Thu 21st Dec, 2006
I like the design of this, and the meaning behind it. Awesome :D
Image 471259 Anne Ulrich
Tue 12th Dec, 2006
simple, but very well designed.
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