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calendar // coincidences:
Mon 10th Dec, 2007

yay i made it in too... :D thank you OMM calendar designers, whoever you are! you brightened up my day. :)

so anyway, my square got put into october under the "fantasy" theme. but it got added before i could erase the "happy birthday" message. now that message was intended for sarah whose birthday happens to fall on october 3rd...


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[last updated: 12/05/08]
Tags : apple fruit skull tarepanda totoro nyappy ANCAFE
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Tue 15th Jan, 2008
heh nice work - yes Fun transformation :-D
Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Dear God, the AnCafe fangirlness continues on the OMM... but very cute tare panda..
Image 371971 Kim Vincent
Wed 12th Sep, 2007
Fun transformation :-)
Image 595950 Garry Wakefield
Sat 28th Jul, 2007
nice work
Image 517667 Magic Dixon
Sun 15th Jul, 2007
Great space monkey! I love the colour
Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Sun 8th Jul, 2007
very nice square. great colors. I checked out your post. Great job!
Image 508021 Jin K
Sat 7th Jul, 2007
oh i love the skull and the space monkey. fantastic!
Image 575253 Sarah Edwards
Fri 6th Jul, 2007
"I don't read as much as I should" Thats it, I'm lending you all of my Robin Cook and Lee Childs. And more. PS I want you to do a second picture. I have to stop using these comments for general chat with you instead of actual comments. But still as good as ever.
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