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Ashley (katanimate)




Alexandria, United States




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I'm a 17 year old animator-to-be. All my life I've been drawing and working my way toward a career in art. Ever since I saw The Lion King I've had a passion for animation. I've had a few setbacks in my mission towards a career though. When I first got into highschool I was failing left and right, but when I went to the 10th grade I met the best teacher in the world. Mrs. K is, and always will be(in my opinion), the best teacher in the world. She created the On-Track program in my school for troubled kids who are struggling academically and emotionally. She helped inspire me to do better in school and get active in the community. I hope that when I am an adult I will be half as inspiring as she is. Now, I am getting A's and B's and am planning on going to collage to further my education in art. Recently I have had a new inspiration in my life. I have always been absolutly terrified of death(I have near panick attacks if I think too deaply about it). But I have discovered something that helps me with not only that fear, but many other fears as well. I have been afraid to be my own person and attemt new things. My Chemical Romance is helping me through my fears. Thier music is inspiring to me in many more ways than any other band has ever been. They have messages in thier music that many people don't realize. Many think they are all about suicide and violence, but they are not. They are about many things deaper than that. They are about life. My online gallerys: updated much) updated much)

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Interests and Hobbies: Art, Animation, Movie Making, My Chemical Romance
Artists: OMG Too Many!
Music: My Chemical Romance
Movies: The Lion King
Books and Writers: Janet Evanovich, Dan Brown

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Clayton C. DeYapp
Lakwood, Colorado, US

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Budapest, HU

Jason Knight
Salt Lake City, UT, US

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Eye Spy

A scribbley mess of a kitty cat :) No ref used.
Tags : cat orange eye green
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Image 527172 Asma Kausar
Fri 4th Apr, 2008
I love this!
Image 639207 Lubos Bakyta
Sat 9th Feb, 2008
WOW youare Great, nice color :-D (thank for D coment)
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