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Clayton C. DeYapp




Lakwood, Colorado, United States




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About Clayton C. DeYapp

I'm a bum. I stay at home all day and take care of my infant son and after school, my little girl. and then of the rest of the housework and cooking. In-between I am an artist, graphic designer and jeweler. I am in the middle of a great many different projects so I have little time to achieve all I would like. But in the words of R. Crumb: I "Keep on Trucking". As for my work this is for my Grandfather Lucio who told me of this experience... My Grandfather (Lucio) and Great-grandfather (Clarence), both dug the wells in Chama NM, the town where I was raised. At one point, at or around 1936, they needed to dig the well for the "new" town center. A well to be used by the Shamrock Hotel, where I grew up, and the Rainbow Amphitheater, which were to be built as soon as construction was complete. The only hang up, was that the construction site was the old cemetery. So, they dug up the monuments and remains to move them to the new cemetery. While doing so, he found that all of the Catholics, and only the Catholics, had crosses burned into their skulls...

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A well dug well

An image depicting the dark beauty and mystry of New Mexico. Read my profile to find out the story behind my work.
Tags : Skull Cross Catholic Clayton DeYapp NM
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 570373 Ashley (katanimate)
Thu 7th Feb, 2008
OMG! Powerful, amazing detail and the shading... just works sooo well!
Image 1001972 Sono Ike
Tue 22nd Jan, 2008
I'm impressed how a zoomed pic could be this great!!!
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Wed 3rd Oct, 2007
Nicely done! Beautiful square :)
Image 578427 D B
Tue 14th Aug, 2007
great expression. And I would hardly call someone taking care of an infant and a toddler a along with all your other ambitious work. Good luck to you.
Image 376834 Morgan
Thu 12th Jul, 2007
indeed, great background and image! +
Image 1000094 Emi
Wed 4th Jul, 2007
soooo cool! i love the story...creepy yet awsome
Image 551118 Laura Schrampfer
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
back to vote-still one of my favorites!
Image 512740 Andréa Schmidt
Wed 27th Jun, 2007
thank you and no, no self portrait. But I definitely wouldn't mind having her lips. I really like the way you have put the shadows into the eye sockets :0
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