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Amelia Guo




Jakarta, Indonesia




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About Amelia Guo

I'm sixteen, I live in Indonesia. I love to draw and write. Basically I'm so lazy, drawing something totally with a cheap optical mouse and nothing else is a miracle itself...XD I like this community!

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Occupation: College student
Interests and Hobbies: drawind, writing, reading, singing, fishing
Music: Letto
Movies: So many!
Books and Writers: Paulo Coelho
Personal Quote: "Love, if you're unable to become voices, be silence. There is still me, I still love you."

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Chamber of Longing

It's a replica of a painting I made. It was inspired by an Indonesian song called "Ruang Rindu" by Letto. Eyes closed and heart mumbled
Tags : longing
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 583146 Pablo Linietsky
Sun 21st Jan, 2007
Image 418428 Christina S.
Thu 11th Jan, 2007
Aww! That's pic is so sad it makes me teary eyed :c Great job with the coloring on the hair too! It looks awesome!! :D
Image 464752 Eloise Prior
Wed 10th Jan, 2007
nice work!! that looks really good!!!
Image 423149 Renee Ronzone
Mon 8th Jan, 2007
Her eyes are really nice, but it seems like the right eye and the mouth are a little crooked. Apologies if that's your style; other than that, I love this square. I wouldn't have the patience to do hair like that. XD
Image 554462 Zill Dee
Sun 7th Jan, 2007
nice manga lol if she had green eyes she would remind me of me in a funny way, i LOVE the bubbles, crazy. woooo my mum was born in Indonesia.... i love to write too! jees
Image 419974 Riekkie R
Thu 4th Jan, 2007
Great picture!
Image 418364 Pat Hughes
Sun 24th Dec, 2006
Angeli nailed what I wanted to say, the great blue bubbles and border really make those great eyes pop out. Great job!
Image 607208 San Z4ky
Sun 24th Dec, 2006
Good job
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