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Vicky Chan




Vancouver, Canada




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About Vicky Chan

I'm a graphic designer/illustrator who LOVES colors and can't live without art and creativity. The color spectrum of rainbow, to me, is one of the most fascinating things in nature. It reminds me of the beautiful Creation of our world, and the bright, beautiful sides of things around us in our mundane everyday-life. I think our world is quite magical in a way, and everything is so uniquely linked. I'd like to bring a smile to your face when looking at my art! I also want to share my thoughts of love, faith, and bits ní pieces of my life through my baby, bubblemui, in her journey. Enjoy and Have a Bubbly Day! Oh by the way, I'm not 4...but so far it looks like the 4-year old me inside will stick with me forever... (^_^)

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bubblemui's wonder

bubblemui and rabby under the rainbow
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 1004738 kj
Wed 25th Aug, 2010
WOW! WOW! WOW! best and cutest thing i've ever EVER seen! :)
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Fri 19th Jun, 2009
cute cute cute!
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Lovely attitude and way of life; and it carries in this drawing. Nice square +1
Image 440736 Anonymous
Sat 1st Sep, 2007
That is amazingly cute.
Image 421675 Cassie Jay
Fri 13th Jul, 2007
lol that's cute
Image 421573 Allison Dollar
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
I know I've said I love this before, but now I'm saying it with a VOTE! :D
Image 469638 Ryan Bauer
Fri 29th Jun, 2007
I commented on this picture in the past, didn't I? Is it a new feature that it doesn't save old comments? :( I love it and your about says so much, too. *has a bubbly day* ;) I like green hues most...
Image 458376 Kimberly Sanger
Thu 28th Jun, 2007
sweet, love the colors
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