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Second Bulletin, inspired: My Poem>> Shadowshock >>
Wed 27th Jun, 2007
I find myself suspended from the wavering
patchwork flow beyond me

it is light, and it is dark
mocking with the careful disappearance
at the edges in the middle

maybe it is
daylight streaming through
those squared portals,
maybe its not.

maybe its god.

just getting brighter and brighter

day and night
cold and warm
alive and dead
to you and to me.

spots waver in place on the sea below

I am falling quietly
through the distant sky.

there are flashes,
green upon violet upon sapphire,
light upon dark upon black upon white.
the golden sun flying bright.

The ocean will never come to me,
and I

will never fall to it.

It is hidden in the light,
and we do not know one another.

I am saturated,
green, a rainbow
rushing, a glow
a shadow shock
I am created.

In a scream,

I question this last protest
with divine interest

as a cloud swallows me
in turn, I become and I disappear

pulled into the flat and colorless wall
of the washed out future.


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Shadowshock: A my

the candle glows for every person whose flame has gone out; their light still brightens each of our lives. A candle in the expanse, a flame, a heart, an explosion of life, an idea of memory in my pen
Tags : Candle Life Love
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 1002418 jacqui bauer
Sat 23rd Feb, 2008
I love the candle and the heart makes me think of my mom her candle still burns bright in Jehovah heart.
Image 479119 Kate T.
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
it seems so much better if you actually play it through...why the white flame? And the white it supposed tto symbolize something?
Image 475941 Paula Badger
Wed 23rd May, 2007
You should do science, it is there in your image, it is predicted. The lone green candle is apt and as the latin is the Royal Air Force motto 'through endeavour to the stars'this is a focus of all thoughts in meditation of self. Candle in the wind comes to mind, the song, and the Peoples princess, a broken heart, a wounded heart, hence image is your soul saying medicine is your path.
Image 551212 Maggie Keane
Sun 1st Apr, 2007
Hey, thanks for the comment, and no there's no hate message for cows, I love cows! It's just that the desert is a likely place to find a cowskull. I have lots of bones from the desert. It was also sort of a tip of the hat to Georgia O'Keefe's cowskull paintings. Keep the faith on the art thing. If you were meant to do it, you will. Nice square.
Image 479182 Vicky Chan
Sat 24th Mar, 2007
Wonderful work and message! I wish you'll have the chance to continue your art endeavors soon. It's never easy to make those choices when it comes to considering practicality btwn art + (?), but I can feel your passion and I am sure one day, you'll be able to follow your dream and make it happen! :)
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Sun 11th Mar, 2007
Beautiful candle. The wax dripping down the side is so realistic. The heart in the flame and your msg made me think of those near to me that I have lost. I like to think they are still around.
Image 508021 Jin K
Thu 8th Mar, 2007
thanx so much for your comment, i really appreciated it. your square is beautiful with all the details. i love the dripping wax and the heart in the flame. this is very inspiring and i'll be watching the progress.
Image 426434 Courtney Woods
Wed 7th Mar, 2007
This is a truly beautiful piece of art- I can't wait to see it when it's finished!
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