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D Cherdpong Sikkhajareon

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LINE art and design BLOG, New face!
Wed 22nd Aug, 2007
Hello, I'm paint marker artist and publishing my blog for present my artwork for 1 year now. But at less 4 days blogger have a error404 on my blog with no fix now. So I create my new blog in wordpress and keep my artwork going. If you interesting please visit to my blog and feel free to leave some comment there. LINE art blogCheers.

About Cherdpong Sikkhajareon

LINE Art&Design paint marker created by Chindpong Sikkajareon. I'm paint marker artist and designer, sometime photographer. Please visit my artblog and feel free to make a comment. Cheers, hope you like it.

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Occupation: Artist and designer, sometime photographer
Music: Super Dr.K, saw in my blog.

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please visit at
Tags : line Thai treditional art drawing intricate
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Latest comments on this artwork:

Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Thu 13th Sep, 2007
beautiful detailing and it does look so traditional! This sort of lineart must take a lot of patience, it's a beautiful square. +1
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Thu 13th Sep, 2007
oh my god.. this is wonderfull.. so intrecate and yet mind blowing. i absolutely loved how ur square plays out in the playbak
Image 413605 Cherdpong Sikkhajareon
Wed 22nd Aug, 2007
Thanks all, I'm Thai artist so I make this lineart in Thai onament traditional style. I glad that you like it. It's really hard to create the smooth movement as the traditional do.
Image 533654 Lam Lam Yeung
Tue 14th Aug, 2007
how could u made this so symmatical?? This pattern is the best ever
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Tue 14th Aug, 2007
This is a new favorite. Wow!! It's very unique to the OMM as far as I can tell. I love it.
Image 1000631 Marco Gamba
Sun 12th Aug, 2007
I like IT! It's really complicated!!!
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Sun 12th Aug, 2007
This is awesome, beautiful design and amazing detail, did you do this with a mouse? +1
Image 376812 Anonymous
Sun 12th Aug, 2007
Wow really cool design
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