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Big Collaboration

So I decided to use the flags, although hopefully I will be able to do some mini version landmarks when I do Russia.
Tags : big collaboration halloween
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 392785 Am Y
Thu 18th Feb, 2010
I love your whirlpool pic! I wish we had an option to add friends on this place so I could add you. You're really talented!
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Thu 5th Feb, 2009
Very clever. Love it!
Image 629590 Beverly Johnson
Tue 27th Jan, 2009
I love it, Sarah - using the flags that way - brilliant!!
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Tue 27th Jan, 2009
Nicely done, this one is more difficult to do than it looks.
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Mon 26th Jan, 2009
Thank you Sarah! And I love how you are doing the different countries. :)
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Sun 28th Dec, 2008
Image 477601 Jan Kowalewski
Mon 8th Dec, 2008
Beautiful fireworks! Nice gallery. :)
Image 547985 Skaii
Sun 7th Dec, 2008
Very nice!
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Mon 24th Nov, 2008
Just explosive, nice work. Cheers Mark
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Wed 12th Nov, 2008
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Tue 11th Nov, 2008
Loverly :)
Image 1003794 just | R a c h e l
Tue 21st Oct, 2008
Gosh, I wish I saw such potential through my window. This is great.
Image 1000764 ivana
Fri 17th Oct, 2008
thanks Sarah , for the comment!Very compliments to you!cheers Ivana
Image 611993 Alan McGuigan
Mon 8th Sep, 2008
Thanks for the comment, the ballons remind me of what the summer should have been.
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Tue 19th Aug, 2008
Hey Sarah, I was wondering, did you ever get my message about the news items? My connection is trippy sometimes so I never know when my messages have been sent. lol
Image 522392 Sharon Pascoe
Sun 10th Aug, 2008
Love this - delicately done!
Image 421570 Anonymous
Tue 8th Jul, 2008
Thanks for the comment on my square!! I really like your pic, it's so pretty and soft looking! Oh, you like Twilight? Yay!! "And all that is Edward Cullen" I couldn't have said it better myself! :D
Image 568748 Dayna Spinner
Wed 2nd Jul, 2008
Image 600736 Lydia Barton
Wed 18th Jun, 2008
sarah! was browsing this....because the only other option was physics and you are a community advisor or something! i'm feeling that's an exciting thing...woop! anyway i love you pic, very peaceful during this rather manic time :) x
Image 1001548 Jo Vickers
Wed 11th Jun, 2008
Fantastic idea, Sarah! They give it real depth and a great splash of colour =)

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