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Snow Leopard

As someone who tends to draw animals mroe than anything else I'm not sure why I've not done one yet.
Tags : snow leopard mountains wildlife cat ice
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 479134 SoL Savoretti
Mon 26th Jan, 2009
this is beautiful!
Image 477601 Jan Kowalewski
Fri 5th Dec, 2008
Nice square!
Image 554361 Hallie Stiller
Wed 25th Jun, 2008
That's brilliant
Image 1003309 Casie
Wed 25th Jun, 2008
that is beautiful!☺
Image 485655 Isaac Wirtz
Tue 25th Dec, 2007
Merry Christmas!
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Sun 16th Dec, 2007
Love the rays of sunlight. Very nice drawing!
Image 527139 Cat
Thu 13th Dec, 2007
omg amazing
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Sat 8th Dec, 2007
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, ..:) regarding ur comment.... u also had a great gallery....:) all of it are very nice...
Image 424786 Karleen Alvord
Thu 6th Dec, 2007
Image 522392 Sharon Pascoe
Wed 5th Dec, 2007
One of my faves! Great gallery too!
Image 416750 Katy Rewston
Fri 23rd Nov, 2007
beautiful, i love the sky and the atmosphere
Image 527223 Bobbi-lee Richmond
Sun 4th Nov, 2007
Image 559215 Daniel Alekow
Fri 2nd Nov, 2007
This looks neat! You should totally join the big collaboration here on OMM, look at my bulletin for details =) Daniel
Image 411968 Emily Coombs
Fri 19th Oct, 2007
Image 416781 Kristinn Guðmundsson
Sun 14th Oct, 2007
Amazing pic of a Leopard.
Image 570373 Ashley (katanimate)
Wed 3rd Oct, 2007
Very imaginative gallery! I really like the colors and shading in the snow leopard pic!
Image 1001168 Keith L.
Sat 29th Sep, 2007
wonderful gallery and style!
Image 584811 Vagwen
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
Wow! This is incredibly detailed, and you really captured the atmosphere of a snowy wilderness. The lighting and the leopard's fur are great!
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Wed 19th Sep, 2007
fantastic work alex:)
Image 627966 Annina Sjöström
Fri 24th Aug, 2007
wow. beautiful. this is really amazing.

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