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[to be continued]
Tags : sheep wolf allies animals friendship
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 1003309 Casie
Wed 25th Jun, 2008
whoa that is awesome! so life-like
Image 512840 Maria De Gier
Sun 16th Dec, 2007
aw! :-D
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Wed 19th Sep, 2007
I had a squeaky toy that looked like that lamb once.....XD Love it!
Image 523968 Gracie Rafferty
Sun 16th Sep, 2007
Nicely detailed, and very symbolic.. well done square!
Image 440736 Anonymous
Sun 16th Sep, 2007
That's a brilliant concept, and wonderful piece. Cheers!
Image 536783 Kimberly Li
Wed 8th Aug, 2007
beautiful picture! :Dso cute, I love the textures :D
Image 1000398 April McGuire
Wed 8th Aug, 2007
such an adorable piece! I love the softness of it... bravo!! :D
Image 596007 HK Millward
Thu 2nd Aug, 2007
Great detail in the fur! Hehe, such a heart-warming picture ^_^
Image 539939 Shannon Dorn
Thu 2nd Aug, 2007
He he he... I also loved the "art + charity > finals" philosophy to life ;) Great contrast between the wolf and lamb (e.g. soft and fluffy vs. furry).
Image 1000040 Bunny
Mon 30th Jul, 2007
very beautiful :)
Image 522392 Sharon Pascoe
Sat 28th Jul, 2007
Cuddly pic - nice work!
Image 450359 Alejandra Ocampo Cicero
Mon 16th Jul, 2007
This is a gorgeous concept, it makes me think about heaven ^^;... anyway, great piece!
Image 428025 Zdenek Gromnica
Wed 11th Jul, 2007
I think I commented on this before, but it's still a great square so I'm coming back to vote. Good job :) +
Image 501682 Malgorzata Szweda
Wed 11th Jul, 2007
the wolf's eyes are hypnotizing! @_@ and yeah - the symbolism! xD
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Wed 11th Jul, 2007
heya sweet pea.. thanks for ur lovely comment.. lol yeah its still incomplete but i have been thinking about maybe starting a new one? haha but anyways.. i still find ur square sooo sweet and bloody cute.. and wen u do think about it.. does make a nice little comment you know. now it is really hard which one i would take home with me :D
Image 407180 Qian Zhao
Tue 10th Jul, 2007
hey again. ionno if I said this last time but i love the art + charity>finals thing XD
Image 477537 Liz Joyce
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
Lovely picture - nice idea
Image 557626 Alex Holt
Mon 2nd Jul, 2007
Really nice work
Image 447218 Michelle Scott
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
arr i remember this pic so beautiful well done:)
Image 426424 Kaitlyn Clement
Sat 30th Jun, 2007
Oh, Wow. Very Fantastic, It's Certainly Lovely. The Wolf In Harmony With The Lamb? Ultimate Peace. Very Good. :3

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