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Face in the Crowd

woman's face
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 533541 Jason Knight
Thu 26th Apr, 2007
This is cool! -Jason
Image 376834 Rachel Mandelo
Fri 2nd Mar, 2007
oh crud barbie you found me :O
Image 389604 Aunty Mor
Thu 1st Mar, 2007
Wow! Those eyes and such a fab mane of hair. Love your woman (in a purely platonic way of course) :)
Image 546480 Nadia Mishchanka
Thu 1st Mar, 2007
I think it is an amazing picture. The colours and shading are just unique. love it.
Image 443973 Angeli Arndt
Sun 14th Jan, 2007
This is beautiful. She looks bold and confident. I love all of the bright color you worked into her skin. It's gorgeous!
Image 592835 Richard Higham
Fri 5th Jan, 2007
A beautiful image, bold, powerful and vibrant.

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