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My daughter.
Tags : child children girl daughter umbrella
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 501513 Marryjune
Fri 28th Feb, 2014
the poster is great, u are very talented artist.
Image 490440 Ronaldo Perez
Tue 21st Feb, 2012
Image 1003208 Soulayma
Mon 15th Nov, 2010
So good, result but the way you dit it is amazing !!!
Image 458354 Lina Walton
Sat 9th Oct, 2010
wonderful, beautifully done. I love it.
Image 596021 Michael Loyd
Thu 27th May, 2010
The detail in this image is fantastic!!
Image 392785 Am Y
Thu 18th Feb, 2010
Image 1004736 Ari Gottschalk
Tue 16th Feb, 2010
you've got my vote, jason. this is gorgeous, and i cant imagine how long this took. ha. (:
Image 487191 Charlene Craig
Thu 21st Jan, 2010
Hey, I just noticed you commmented on my little doodle. Thanks ever so much. Your contribution, truely is a masteriece.
Image 1004644 peace
Wed 16th Dec, 2009
Your sweetheart is very cute, I am sure about that.
Image 612043 Anonymous
Sun 19th Apr, 2009
It's beautiful =)
Image 440736 Anonymous
Sun 29th Mar, 2009
I've probably commented this like a million times, but may I say again that I love this? :)
Image 570424 Jim Freebury
Sun 22nd Mar, 2009
nicely done - lovely image. you commented on a pic by me along time ago - forgotten i'd even done it, - thanks. best wishes.
Image 1004210 amber
Fri 13th Mar, 2009
That is beutiful, that must have taken a very long time. worth it.
Image 1004156 Marisa Choate
Mon 23rd Feb, 2009
wow... it gave me chills it is so good!
Image 1004123 Krazymen
Wed 4th Feb, 2009
Really Nice!!
Image 1001806 Samantha Arno
Sat 20th Dec, 2008
I love your style... I can learn a lot from this piece. Thanks for your contribution!
Image 424854 Ginger Rogers
Wed 3rd Dec, 2008
This is really awesome!
Image 579965 John E. Manglona Jr.
Sat 8th Nov, 2008
I like the mood of this image.
Image 402341 Greg McQuay
Mon 6th Oct, 2008
That's really nice!
Image 463189 Richard Tolin
Sat 4th Oct, 2008
your work is wonderful. Sorry for the late respose also and thanks for your kind words.

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