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Mum AND wat soon will be me

This is very hard to do with a mouse
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 562480 Mitico meschino
Tue 5th Feb, 2008 god...beautiful...congratulations...
Image 551212 Maggie Keane
Thu 20th Dec, 2007
Hi, and thanks for the comments. Are you able to control the mouse without much trouble? I mean, mine is really jerky and it's hard to get a line to flow or curve or go where you want it without having to go back and correct. Your're work is amazing.
Image 1001907 Meno
Sat 15th Dec, 2007
Drawn with great love ... it shows!
Image 1001788 tonick
Fri 30th Nov, 2007
well done
Image 501513 Rysa Art
Tue 27th Nov, 2007
how can u do this with a mouse,, can't believe it.... nice gallery...:)
Image 1001085 Val layton
Mon 26th Nov, 2007[[jealous]]
Image 500070 Brian Masson
Sun 18th Nov, 2007
Great colors,nice pic.
Image 559215 Daniel Alekow
Wed 31st Oct, 2007
this is really quite wonderful, I'm amazed at what you managed to do with the simple tools that OMM gives us :D I love the colours and the expression of the two =)
Image 512810 Colin Finch
Mon 29th Oct, 2007
Image 520879 E Turnage
Thu 18th Oct, 2007
Image 442328 Stacey Dirickson
Mon 24th Sep, 2007
Awwwwwww how cute! and good! You've got skillz, lol
Image 540069 Anthony Armetta
Sat 22nd Sep, 2007
WHOA! I didn't even know that pictures like this were even possible!
Image 594410 Mandie Willey
Mon 3rd Sep, 2007
Wow! Amazing!
Image 488818 Kenny McKellar
Sun 2nd Sep, 2007
What can I say? Incredible job there.
Image 426434 Courtney Woods
Sat 1st Sep, 2007
And yet, for all the dificulty, you've pulled off another masterpiece! *is jealous of your skillz* Lol
Image 371971 Kim Vincent
Wed 8th Aug, 2007
Beautifully textured portrait, lovingly drawn. It's wonderful, and amazing considering the tools.
Image 541685 Deanna
Mon 6th Aug, 2007
omgosh, this is so good. im loving your style
Image 482428 Mark Watkinson
Mon 6th Aug, 2007
Awesome picture and done with the mouse as well, hats off to you
Image 554448 J Yang
Fri 3rd Aug, 2007
belated reply, but !! is this the new image you said you might do? I completely sympathize with how hard it is to do that with a mouse, but keep up the excellent work :D
Image 584817 Paulina Mahorowska
Sat 21st Jul, 2007
absolutely fantastic!!

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