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Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat!
Tags : pumpkin spiderweb halloween jack lantern
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Comments on this artwork:

Image 483961 Tracey Eastley
Sun 26th Oct, 2008
This is amazing! Happy Halloween
Image 560764 Rimmel Livera
Wed 16th Jan, 2008
Image 567273 Morgan Shearer
Fri 23rd Nov, 2007
sweet! i didn't see this one before. all your work is awesome ;)
Image 495215 Pip Hignett
Wed 31st Oct, 2007
Just noticed the detail from this square is in the OMM front page logo today! Happy Halloween, Gracie.
Image 483998 J West
Wed 31st Oct, 2007
No end to your infinite talent. What a cool square ;D
Image 531942 Sin-Mae Chung
Wed 24th Oct, 2007
aww this is so cool. so much blending going on.. aaah
Image 627966 Annina Sjöström
Wed 24th Oct, 2007
Whee! Loving it!
Image 551118 Laura Schrampfer
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007
Image 488818 Kenny McKellar
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007
Terrific job. Like the pumpkin in the middle.
Image 1000385 Jeanne Krebbeks
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007
I am never left in disappointment when watching your art come to life. This is beautiful...Jeanne
Image 421675 Cassie Jay
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007
I love this! The spiderweb is awesome! so is the middle pumpkin. Halloweens my b-day i'm so excited! :)
Image 501600 Eamonn (Admin)
Tue 23rd Oct, 2007

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